What's the Next Big Thing in Singapore?

The government of Singapore is a big believer in stimulating the economy through fiscal policies. The construction sector is the most favoured industry for the government to spend their money on, since it provides and creates the most number of jobs within the industry itself and a healthy spillover to other supporting industries or services, such as the logistics, FnB, etc. Therefore, just when you think Singapore is done with major construction projects, a new one pops up. 

When it comes to need, it is hard to justify Gardens by the Bay when a fantastic Botanic Garden exists. I find it difficult to convince myself how does such a monumental place add value to a Singaporean's life in a meaningful way. One wonders when Gardens by the Bay will ever recoup its S$1 billion construction cost with retail rental and entrance fees. Even if you include higher tourism figures, that is going to take longer than a life time. Besides, which tourist visit Singapore just because of Gardens by the Bay? Would a tourist visit the same attraction several times? Whether or not Singaporeans need the new facility is not the key, spending the money is. To show some empathy to the Singapore government, it is indeed not an easy task to spend 1 billion bucks on something that doesn't look too stupid. At least Gardens by the Bay proves a few point. With money, one can create life, nature and landscape that doesn't belong to this habitat. With that encouraging achievement, we can move on to building unprecedented feats such as an underground or underwater city.

Mega spending projects that precede and succeed Gardens by the Bay were the Esplanade, casinos and our new National Stadium. Changi Airport Terminal 4 is obviously earmarked to be the next, estimated to cost S$1.28 billion to build. This will undoubtedly keep the construction sector buzzing, which in turns support other industries and prevent the economy from slowing down. Do we need Terminal 4? It is debatable. The airport will be able to cater to considerably more people with the new addition. That accounts for something, at least.

Terminal 4's design is rather interesting. The first and second thing that comes to mind is Suntec City and the Vortex Fountain at MBS. It could be Fengshui or just a coincidence that both locations are doing pretty well in their businesses. With Shitty Harvest ruining the Fengshui in Suntec, I guess it was time to build another mega fountain elsewhere. Wonder if Shitty Harvest will attempt to buy Terminal 4 in future?

It is a beautiful design. Lest someone associate it with some awkward human reproduction organ, I will say it first that it resembles a doughnut. Well, after building a durian, why not a doughnut?

Wonder if Agent Y and Stephen are interested in returning to Singapore to participate in building this. It will be a dream to be part of the team to build the key feature of the building. The curved dome will be a nightmare to build and what a challenge it will be!

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  1. Frankly I enjoy Gardens by the Bay, and I am surprised SGs doesn't go there as often as going to the shopping mall. Big open spaces and free (except for skywalk and the enclosed gardens) but certainly nothing like it even in Oz.

    Obviously the intent is for tourists but I am quite impressed by the size of the project and the resistance to build more structures then they already have. We all seen the "compact" parks they have in the 80s which doesn't give any sense of openness and space