Another Reason to Get a Malaysian Wife

This email is a continuation from A Very Disappointed Singaporean Who Wants to Migrate to Australia

In the email, Satki Yoda tried to explain a bit about getting G through via CSOL and I did a short analysis about his budgeting and advised him to stay put in Singapore for a few more years to stash up some cash. He came back with another idea in mind....

Nix just a question, can we reside with my wife's renunciation of Singapore PR first as she is still holding Malaysian Citizenship. That way at least we could withdraw her CPF which would set us close to about 50k. Would it be safe with that amount?


Dear Everyone,

I really hate you guys for coming to me with questions but withholding critical information about yourselves. I have been trying my best to answer them by making assumptions. The more assumption I make, the less accurate my advice will be and we will just be wasting one another's time. For folks who have the intention to email me in future and happen to be reading this, please take note. If you are not specific and forthright, there is nothing I can do to give you an optimal suggestion.

Dear G,

Your wife must really want this move badly to sacrifice her Singapore PR for funding this. I'd say the photoshoot in Taiwan is well worth it. Perhaps you should even consider Japan.

Let's get down to business in proper. Say you stick to your original plan and apply for your PRs via CSOL. I don't know how you are going to do that, as I have stated I failed to find any state that sponsors Interior Designers as of today. I'll leave you to figure that out. Say, you somehow succeed and get your Subclass 190 done. You will be left with $2,500 (Again, I'm assuming based on the data you provided me) as your settling budget. Obviously you can't leave on that amount. For your wife to withdraw her CPF, she will need to renounced her Singapore PR status, return to Malaysia temporary (or stay in Singapore via a visitor's pass), get the letter from ICA before visiting CPF to apply for withdrawal of her CPF in full. You should give yourself at least 2 weeks to run around.

With that money, the answer is simple. Yes. $50k is a lot of money to start off with. If you cannot settle down in Australia with this kind of money, you guys have real issues.

Take note Singaporean guys. That is another reason why marrying a Malaysian wife is a good idea. 


  1. MY girls less likely to have the princess syndrome many SG gals are so famous for (talk about equal rights thanks to AWARE but still want to be treated precious)

  2. Is this G's idea or her idea?

    I know Nix stress 破釜沉舟 when migrating to Oz but I am sure she is aware that she will ever get back her SG PR status.

  3. Why are people asking about how much to bring overseas?

    Don't they understand it is all down to what they want?

    Do they want 3 meals in hawker centre, food court or a restaurant? Budget accordingly la!

    Do you want brand new car after you land or any lao pok car? Budget accordingly la!

    Nix could probably survive comfortably with $2500 but someone else may need $25,000.

    Why not go fucking ask your government how much to bring overseas for migration? Fucking spoonfeed until cannot think for yourself.

    1. There is very few rental places in big cities that $2500 can cover 2 weeks of rental and 4 weeks of housing bond

    2. And so they should do their own research rather than asking some random bloke on the web.

      What's so difficult with typing what they want to ask into Google?

    3. I don't normally comment here, although I have been reading avidly. But I would just like to point out, have it ever occurred to you guys that maybe some of the people that end up here and sending emails to Nix, ended up here by typing what they want to ask into Google? It just shows how much authority this blog commands to be able to rank well in Google search engine.

      If Nix really do feel stressed up about replying incomplete or even retard emails, maybe a friendly suggestion: maybe add a disclaimer page when people click Contact > Email, rather than auto pop out that Microsoft Outlook thing. Maybe just a simple message like "Retard sounding emails will be ignored"


    4. No, they ended up here because they typed in various versions of "Singapore Migrate Australia How" "Singapore Migrate Perth How" etc.

      If they wanted to know about rental costs, and as a potential migrant that would be one of the first things I would check, they would have entered "Australian house rental" "Perth house rent how much", and they would have been directed to,,,, etc.

      They can check out car prices by typing in "Australian buy car price" "Car price Perth" or some other such variants.

      They can look up supermarket websites by typing "Australian supermarket", "Perth supermarkets" etc and the website for Coles would have come up where they can look at the catalogs and see how much things cost.

      The people that end up here asking Nix stupid questions are retards that voted for the white panties and as such should stay in Singapore. Because do you want retards populating your country? Probably not.

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    1. Err... actually you can withdraw your CPF money if you satisfy the condition of leaving Singapore and West Malaysia permanently, i.e. migrating to Australia permanently. You need to prove you are a PR/citizen of another country e.g. Australia

      Please read it more from here.

      Hope this helps those who haven't withdraw their CPF money.

  5. Dude, the surest way for you to go ahead is for yr wife to use her CPF monies and take up a 2 yr study program in ulu part of Aust. That will be 10 points and make sure that program is for a job on the CSOL list.( brick layer / tradies ? ) and try hard to network during yr stay for a sponsor. Meanwhile yr wife with her Aust degree can work 20 hrs / week and network for a sponsor.

    Forget being a ID if you are keen on a life in Aust, base yr plans on the job market demand :)

  6. For goodness sake, some people are just too lazy to think and search and plan their migration.

    They are bound to fail surviving in any other countries if they keep up with the feed me attitude.

    There are a lot of kind souls who offer harsh reality of migration. Not pretty to the ears but that is as real as it gets.

    Can take it good. Can't take it, one can always crawl back to the shithole. Afterall, what the use of SG100 when you can't spend Saturdays in peace catching up with friends and Chinese dramas.