Masters Program to PR route?

Dear asingaporeanson,

I'm a finance manager in his late 20s who is thinking of migrating to Australia. Unfortunately my occupation is not on Australia's SOL. The NT and Tasmania offer students graduating from 2 years study at Charles Darwin university or the university of Tasmania nominations based on occupations on their respective state CSOLs. Do you think this is a viable path to take to achieve PR? I could take a 2 year masters program for instance.

Thank you for your time and your advice!

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Hi Alex,

(Disclaimer: This advice is free thus dangerous. Heed at your own risk.)

I hereby announce that has gone through upgrade and you are the first person to receive the benefits. I proudly present you, a coloured flowchart. Who is going to fund all these? Well, nobody. So expect asingaporeanson to go down in 5 months time.

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TWV: Temporary Work Visa

TG: Temperory Graduate Visa

GSM: General Skilled Migration Visa

ENS: Employer Norminated Scheme

RSMS: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

I trust you have done your research on what to study. It is crucial so do not make a mistake here. 

In general, these are the options you have upon graduation.

1) General Skilled Migration (Subclass 189/190 points tested visas)

Since you are young and should have a command of English good enough to get the required points that you need and finished your course in Australia, you may be able to obtain a minimum number of 60 points required for either visa. If you can obtain state nomination for Subclass 190, it grants you extra 5 points to make your life easier.

2) Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate Visa) is probably the easiest visa to obtain upon graduation. It is almost a given under most circumstances (unless maybe you are found to be a terrorist or something) This visa is what we like to call a "bridging visa," which allows you a considerably lengthy stay in Australia with the eligibility to find work without restrictions.  The length of stay depends on the course you take. For eg.

  - Bachelor, Bachelor with Honours, Masters by Coursework, Masters (Extended) degree – 2 years

  - Masters by Research – 3 years

  - Doctoral degree – 4 years

Some take up this visa to buy themselves time to get themselves eligible for their Subclass 189/190 application.

3) Temporary Work visa (subclass 457) - It is like our work permit back there. S-pass, E-pass, CB pass or whatever. If you manage to find a job upon graduation, your employer will be able to sponsor you for this visa, leading to a possible ENS/RSMS (they are permanent visas) after you work a number of years for the employer. This is usually an option for those who did not study in a university and may fall short on chalking up 60 points for a direct skilled migration application.

4) Hook up an Aussie girl and marry her. <*>*I*n*s*t*a*n*t*<*> PR.


  1. Dear Alex,

    A young guy like yourself should stay in Singapore because NT and Tasmania are horribly boring places. Nothing to do after 5pm, plenty of racism and Australia is by all accounts going into recession soon.

    It is best to stay in Singapore because it is going to be a very exciting cosmopolitan city in the very near future, with good and cheap char kway teow, with fast internet access and all the works of world class city.

    Your parents, having voted PAP, will also need you be around to help support them.

    It is really better for you to stay.

  2. Whatever it is, don't come to Melbourne, we are full.

  3. Why bother? There should be quite a no. of single Aussie gal expats in Sg in your industry. No harm trying your luck with them, just make sure they are not a fake SPG masquerading as Aussie.