How Singaporean Young Can Easily Migrate to Australia

Seriously, Singaporean youngsters. What the fuck?

I'll come to you in a while but before I do that, let me do a little confession. If you haven't notice by now, since the 2012 change in the General Skilled Migration points system, (from the now obsolete Subclass 175 to Subclass 189) I knew nothing about it but have been pretending that I did.

But why should I know anything about it?

I am not a migration agent. I don't need to read and understand every damn detail like I did for my own application under the previous system. I have already done my share of due diligence to come here so I think I am entitled my share of due laziness. Am I supposed to do it for the visitors of this blog? That is a debatable one. Many have told me that I am doing Singaporeans more harm than good by spoon feeding them. The rationale is that, if a Singaporean does not even bother to read up a rather straightforward point system or have the ability to make sense out of it, he will be expecting a hard time when he lands his feet on this shore. I am not surprised many of those Singaporeans who return to Singapore blaming everything about Australia from summer flies to exploding barbecue pits for their failure to integrate, but themselves, belong to this spoon fed group.

Thus, I did not read up about Subclass 189. Do not forget I am always with you, for you and for Singapore. I did this for your own good. For you, I chose to do the right thing, not the popular thing.

Recently I ran a poll but gotten a strong approval ratings for my daily 10 visitors. 7 of them gave me a thumbs up and 3 of them thought I was bullshit. I consider that as a strong mandate and will continue to write for the next 5 years. At the same time, I plan to increase my daily 10 visitors to about 15. This is because my Facebook page has revealed the demographics of visitors to be rather on the aged side. With their ailing eye sights, they are not spending enough time to read my crap. Thus I need 5 more visitors a day to keep my blog running. Else, it will undoubtedly crash and cease to exist in 10 days.

Now that I have made myself clear on the future of this blog, I will get down to the matter in proper.

Fuck you, you young punks. For sending me so many emails asking me how to migrate to Australia. The reason why I had been so nice all these while and reply every email with world class diplomacy was that I did not know how the current point system works. Until my grassroot leader Satki Yoda informed me, that is.

Come on, look guys. Follow this [link]. Bookmark it. Read it like a bible. Print it out and hug it to sleep if you must. You only need 60 points to be eligible to launched an expression of interest (EOI) and will be likely to be invited to apply thereafter.

The Australian immigration is giving you 30 damn points for just existing. If you are within this age range, there is no better time to do this. Since all of you are educated under the world class education system of the MOE, Singapore, I expect you will have little problems in scoring all 8s in IELTs and bag that easy 20 points from the English language ability.

Age25–32 years30
English language ability
Test results must be no older than three years immediately before the day on which the visa application was made.
Superior English20

There, you have 50 points for just existing and know how to speak and write.

You are required to get another 10 points from the remaining 5 categories in the points system. The odds are ridiculously favourable to you. At this juncture, do you understand what we mean now? If you can't get this done, you should never contemplate leaving Singapore for your own good.

Don't say your newly endorsed chief editor of this site don't care about you lah. Go and read your bible again (scroll up for link) for goodness sake. They are offering

10 points for a Diploma or trade qualification completed in Australia (go take a bricklayer course or whatever also can)
5 bonus points if your studies is done at an educational institution in Australia for at least 2 years.

5 points for state sponsorship if you need it

5 bonus points if you did your studies at regional Australia (ulu places)

5 points if you are strongly bi-lingual and manage to get yourself accredited as a translator.

My friends, I have not even gone to the potential 15 points from your degree (if recognised by Australia) and 5 points for your 3 years of working experience should your nominated occupation be on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) Those who have 5 years of relevant working experience will get 10 points. Many of you, especially the ladies who do not have to do NS, may have 8 years of relevant working experience by 30-32 years old and be eligible to claim a whooping 15 points for it. Some of you will be virtually drowning in points.

If your degree is not recognised and your occupation is not on the SOL, you can always grab that final 10 points by completing a diploma (if you don't like trade skills) in Australia. No money? The student visa allows you to work a maximum of 20 hours a week during school term and full time without limit during vacations. These requirement is by right. I didn't say anything about by left but if you are venturing into that, remember SAF's 8th core value. Though you are not expected to cover all your course fee by just working casual jobs (though I know people who managed to), it should take care of your living expenses at least.

Potentially, even if you are just an 'N' level holder, are between 25-32, can ace your IELTS (since world class education) and save some money to take a diploma course here, you should be able to squeeze the 60 points you need. Cut out your bubble tea, stop all your yearly overseas trip (why holiday if you can live overseas?), stop buying those pricey but worthless items of materialism and your war chest will be filled in no time. If I could save $10,000 in a year with a gross pay of $1,800, what is your excuse? For those in your early 20s, you have many years to do so. If you never lose sight of your goal, putting aside $5000 a year will put you in a favourable position by your late 20s or early 30s, providing the immigration rules remain similar by then.

They are not wrong to say Singaporeans are a lucky bunch. Our Malaysian counterparts, for instance, are facing a monstrous task in order to make a move to Australia through the same method. Their currency alone makes your problem seems a lot smaller. You have no excuse, really.


  1. Why the fuck would young Singaporeans migrate? They have just voted for a more cosmopolitan city which comes with opportunities (and pussy/dick) galore!

    The opportunities are better, the food is better and cheaper, the healthcare is world class, public housing is cheap and plenty, and the sex is cheap and diverse (see above).

    The guys get to play around with guns at least once every year, while the girls get mangoes given to them!

    Why the fuck would young Singaporeans want to migrate? And if they can't be bothered to do some reading up about how to migrate, do they really want to migrate in the first place?

    Or are they just following the current trend, because Ah Heng, Ah Tan and Ah Teo is migrating? Just because people are queuing up for Hello Kitty doesn't mean you should! Singapore is the hengest country in the world!

  2. Most of these si gin na loves to act tough, act cool and have misplace ego. Like to criticise, but cannot take criticism. Want respect, but cannot earn them. Want to dominate their opinions not ready to listen.

    Just because they know things from Internet, they think old fools like us know nothing.

    Given up talking sense to them

  3. Cannot teach them one. They LAN LAN don't believe you even though all your prediction come true because they know everything from Internet and what a stranger says but not you.

    Don't worry lah

  4. Aiya Nix, why advice so much, esp. after GE2015 69.69% win? Some more Pinky can do jump shot with his young PSD scholars. Most of the young have already spoken they like Pappie paradise so let be lah, which means more opportunities for the rest of us in the queue for Down Under.

  5. Just buy a ticket to Europe and join the greatest human migration of all time. Make history!