How Not to Fail at Your Singapore PR Application


hope this email finds you well.

I am hoping to get Spore PR for my wife, who's from China. our POV is
that " may as well take it, more PR in countries, better"

but the problem is we are living in Perth, (like you are), since we
got married. and we had tried applying PR for her once, and got
rejected, no reasons given.

can you point us the way forward?



If I have missed something out about collecting PRs, such as exchanging for NTUC vouchers upon the 5th chop, please let me know. My point of view has always been, "If I don't need it, let others have it." So you can see why I feel great reluctance in entertaining your question. Let me guess, you may be living in or around the Canningvale area?

Look at the chart on the left. Noticed the sharp dive from 2008 to 2010 of PR granted (blue line) in Singapore. I don't have evidence but I'll make a speculation here. The reduction of the number of PRs granted was done because the PAP felt something not right with the ground and proceeded to stop giving out Singapore PRs like flyers. Though the PAP still endured one of its worst performance in GE2011, the quick move to decrease incoming PRs probably helped to reduce the damage at the right time. From 2011 to 2015 (though the chart did not show), the number of PRs granted have been kept stable close to 30,000 a year. If you have applied around this period, you will be under an oversubscribed situation.

Since Singapore immigration does not practice the point system like Australia, there is no way you will know why you wife's application was rejected. Tough luck. That's the Singaporean way. Having said that, since Singaporeans have given the PAP such a strong mandate in GE2015, the government may return to their previous ultra liberal immigration policies. You should have a bigger chance of success making an application today compared to a year before.

That being said, your chances of being approved will not be high if you consider your own case from an ICA officer's point of view. Neither you nor your wife stay or work in Singapore. From Singapore's point of view, unless you have pallets of hard cash in your vault, your non contribution to the country makes you a low value applicant. If there is still an oversubscribed situation in PR application (and I believe there is), you will never get the priority over other applicants. 

If you seriously want to collect this stamp to complete your PR Collection Book, then I urge you and your wife to move to Singapore for many good years ahead. Good luck.


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  2. I thought the government said PRs and foreigners create job and boost the economy? How convenient it is to flip the prata whatever one likes it. Typical white.

  3. What? You are now advising SG PR application now? Might as well become a migration agent online service...

    1. I agree that for at least last 7 years since 2008 wife spouse application for SG PR is alot harder when your wife does not have significant skill or education level (must be at least bachelor degree), and nowadays even staying in SG as wife for a few years may not get you anywhere without the skill set. You probably got more chance getting NZ PR.......