Strawberry Picking at Bullsbrook 2015

Brought along a strawberry monster with stained mouth
Strawberries were ready for harvest in early Spring so we went to the same farm in Bullsbrook where we picked strawberries ourselves last year.

Those strawberries were supposed to be too ripe to export, as they would normally pick them much earlier to maximise their shelf life. So we were expecting to find good ripe strawberries there so sweet that we would never find from shops, with the drawback that they were to be consumed within the next 1-3 days maximum before they began to rot.

Unlike last year, we went for picking on the first day the farm opened its doors for public. So we had access to the best strawberries, in full abundance. That was one of the two reasons why we filled our trays in double quick time. The second reason was that the trays they provided was significantly smaller than last year's. The owners were annoyed to discover too many pickers bringing a large group and shared a tray and filled their stomachs as they went along. Some even sneaked in and did not buy a tray. Other than the downsize, we were also charge an additional $2 per head but the owner cheerfully declared, "Eat all you can!"

"Slippers?" the owner said, as she glanced at my footwear.

"Yeah, always." I told her and headed towards the long rows of strawberries ahead.

I did not remember having access to so many big strawberries last year. The good ones were all picked by the early birds, I suppose. It was a wonderful feeling. I did not even have to settle for medium sized strawberries as I found fresh, firm big ones in abundance. I filled my tray with them, though technically I should get a higher yield if I fill them with small ones instead but that wasn't the point. It was the joy of experiencing something unprecedented and not about yield. The mentality was symbolic because Singaporean migrants with only economics in their mind would never understand the true meaning why the rest of us chose to do move out of Singapore.

Some of these strawberries were large, covering my palm easily with just three of them. In no time I filled my tray without much effort. That was the tray as shown in the picture. Though much smaller (1/3) than the one last year, it was still great value at $12 for strawberries of such quality. The picking experience was priceless, since it involved quality time spent with my family. Albany could talk a lot more than last year when we were here. So it was great to finally know how she really feel about the strawberry picking experience. I shared the link on Facebook so that families with young children could have a go. Kids love these activities naturally and parents will be happy when they see their kids enjoying themselves. 

I met a Singaporean couple of Malay descent near the end of the picking session. They were on a "recee" trip and told me that they would be moving to Perth by the end of the year. I asked them, "Why not wait until the GE is over to confirm your decision?"

Their reply was, "No. We had enough."

It rained on our way home and took the temperature down so I made a hot soupy meal for us and we had strawberries for desserts. After passing a pile of it to a neighbour, we didn't have much left.

I wonder if we should make another trip with friends who missed that one.


  1. Next time you have extra, put them in a glass jar and submerge in rice wine. Seal as best as you can.

    My dad did that with plums and strawberries and sealed only with masking tape. Kept for more than 10 years. Turned out wonderful. Like Choya.

    All the alcohol was absorbed by the fruits and all the essence of the fruits leaked into the wine. You end up with wine that is almost non-alcoholic.

    I've always wanted to do that when I have kids. Then when they are of age or has a special occasion to celebrate, you pop one open. You can make 1 once a year on their birthday. Leave it till they are 21. I can only imagine the taste. Absolutely heavenly.

  2. What is the name and address of the farm?

    1. Ti Strawberry Farm, Old West Road, Bullsbrook

    2. Thank you. Found the facebook link.

  3. I froze much of my picking for a smoothie on a later date.

  4. Hi, may I know if they are open on weekdays? Do you happen to have their contact number? Thanks