Hello Spring!

Louise is an (ex?) Singaporean daughter living in Temora, one of the outskirt suburbs of Sydney. She writes to me occasionally and her emails intrigue me to no end, often include details of her life and work with a great sense of humour. Some of her emails are too good not to share. Though most Singaporeans will not be interested in things like that, a minority like me will. This blog is catered for the minority in the first place. Apt.

Hi Nix,

How are you and how is Jen coming along? We have been ok here. I am getting better by the days. Still a bit achy but needing less painkillers now. Hope Spring has found you guys well. Just want to share what's been going on at the farm.

made sausage with Tom, Dick and Harry
The time has come for us to slaughter some of the animals; there are a bit too many of them for me to handle alone. After thinking about it for half of winter, we decided that the 2 calves, Mayweather and Pacquiao and the 3 pigs- Tom, Dick and Harry (full sized) had to go. I don't have much cash for them to go to the abattoir. Once again, we rang Aaron the mobile butcher. Aaron goes around the rural country to butcher animals on the property. He also cuts them according to specifications, so that it is up to the farmer to sell or keep for personal consumption. Kerry, my good neighbour decided to chip in her lambs (sob!) as well.

Early Saturday morning, Aaron rocked up on the farm all smiles. I am convinced this guy had teeth whitening done! He set up his work stations in the shed. Within 30 mins, he was ready for action. We gathered around to join him for a short prayer for the animals; even though none of us are religious. I confessed that I am usually a wimp when it comes to the slaughtering part. I went home- leaving Aaron to work on the slaughtering. I was told that it was done quickly and the animals did not suffer for too long. Kerry said that the animals took their last breath within a minute. Anyway, so when I came back, Aaron was already skinning the animals. It is very important that there is dignity to the animal's life and nothing is wasted from that animals. Aaron's skills were excellent. He made sausages from the pigs' intestines. (He cleared out the gunts in it by washing it thoroughly. After drying it, pork mince were inserted into it.) He even made different flavours for the sausages.

Pictures attached.

Take care,


Lamb chops for lunch
Pacquiao cuts
other cuts of Pacquiao

mayweather left to dry
Workstation in shed, Mayweather on table

Tom, Dick and Harry
Sausages from Tom, Dick, Harry left to dry


  1. Standby for Singaporeans writing in to ask if BBQ lamb or pork better.

  2. Pig intestines would be good cooked with sauce like the kway chap style here in Singapore.

    I longed-for a bowl of pig stomach soup and kway chap but for the time being, I need to refrain from unhealthy food, sausages included.

    1. I cooked pig intestines while in Perth before. Everything you need can be found there.

  3. I love the way she named the animals.