Daughter Turns 5

Albany squeegees the shower glass after every bath. When I asked her why, her reply was, "I want to help." The tool was left behind by Judy in the bathroom exclusively used by her during her stay. Once Albany learnt how the tool works, she had been using it since. I decided not to stop her from doing it. Like any parent, I worry for her safety. No doubt, there is a chance she may fall and hurt herself. It was, by no means, a task of any importance, or priority. If I am a typical Singaporean parent, then that minute would be better spent at learning spelling.

Heck, why am I even getting her to wipe herself, dry and brush her hair? She should be memorizing her 19 timetable in that time. Instead of letting her dress herself, I should be doing that in double quick time, in case she catches a cold. The time saved will be better used at solving cloze passages. Why did I think it was a good idea to teach Albany how to floss at 5 years old? A quick visit to the dentist in time is a better investment of time. Why did she toss her worn clothes into the laundry basket after bath? Leave it there for the maid to clear lah!

Is Albany helping her mother putting laundry on racks to dry in the sun? Then helping to fold fresh, dried clothing and stack them according to the right groups. Why is Albany feeding her 1 year old brother? Wouldn't it end up in a mess? Why is she proficient in making 3-in-1 coffee all by herself for guests? It is too dangerous, how many times have she scalded herself? Why does she have to wash her plates if she takes too long to finish her meal? Why is she able to roll pastry, stuff them with fillings and wrap it up neatly, before decorating them. How come she is sweeping the floor, packing toys and the mess she and her brother created? What is that shit, training to be a maid? 

She read a book by herself lately. This time, not by memorising but recognising words. I was surprised, for we have not been pushing her to learn reading or counting all along. However she has developed a genuine interest in it. Like what she could already do before she turned two, she is now doing it better - feeding herself expertly in every genre. Throw her pair of chopsticks and a bowl of noodles, a bowl of porridge, a plate of chicken rice, you name it. She does not leave her seat until the meal is over, brings her plates to the kitchen and washes them if the human dishwasher on duty has already finished and left.

Well done Albany, you have grown, learnt and accomplished so much at 4 years old. You are brave enough to sleep alone, make your own bed and even daddy's messy bed in the morning. If you ever read this one day - I am a proud father. Never forget. Learn to take care of yourself before taking on less important things in the world. I look forward in listing down your achievements again when you turn 6.

Self aid is the best maid


  1. i think that you're right, while studies is important, the ability to take care of yourself is even more important. My mom once said that, to be really grown up, you should be able to take care of not just yourself but others. I didn't understand it fully then but i do now. I hope my littles are as capable as she as when they are 5. Good job Albany! (and mummy and daddy of course!)

  2. Is that the Montessori washing basin customized for her size?

  3. Oh kindly ignore my previous comment cuz the photo in thumbnail mode, I couldn't see the little chair down her feet. Congratulate on having such a thoughtful daughter:)