Baby Tips from a mother

Angie SF Ng is a good woman. She did something she didn't have to yesterday. She had a bad day at work and showed it by posting numerous spits on facebook to keep her sanity on the scales. After work, she had to tend to her baby, almost a year old to me in photos. Definitely hard work at this stage I'm sure.

The last thing you would expect from a person who went through such a day was to stay up late till the night until 0130hrs the next morning to give pregnancy and newborn advice to a near stranger, a clueless father to be 3898km away - over the internet of course.

This post was meant to record down her tips so that I can refer to this blog when I need the information. Just couldn't do it without writing a little to thank the source. She would be my future neighbour in Punggol, staying at the same block as me. Punggol Residences is the best place to be, with such neighbours around.

Aunty Angie's Baby Tips, summary:

- eat more than 3 meals, but only small bits in between meals. Nutrition is the key here, not putting on weight.
- spinach and broccoli is good
- avocado, apples, coconuts in the final month
- red dates + hot water a cup a day
- start chinese herbs now, stop at the 8th month
- eat more fish, the correct types
- bright colored vegs are good
- beef is good
- durian is good
- walnuts, almond, peanuts are good

- brisk walks
- pelvic exercises

Get ready 1 DOM 1 Martell, 5-6 rice wine on top of the rest I know

- talk to baby
- read stories
- play some nice music (not Guns 'N' Roses, sadly)

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