Chocolate, the Jack Russell Terrier

Chocolate the bionic dog, picture taken during the last week before departure.

No words could describe my relationship with my dog, Chocolate.  I hate to say this but I have been avoiding writing anything much about him because merely thinking about him alone invokes homesickness.

I doubt anyone could understand my feelings towards my dog and the special bond we have. It isn't anything that could be put in words and sentences and I am struggling to pen how I am feeling now.  I know I missed him badly when I avoided the pet section lane in Supa IGA, Redcliffe, during our grocery shopping today.

A routine call to mum today. Both of us were feeling better about the whole thing. We could even joke a little this time, just like good old days.  However mum did something cruel which almost brought me to tears.  She put her receiver at my dog's ear and asked me to speak.

I was game for it as I thought it was funny but the joke backfired. Mum told me Chocolate jumped up when he heard my voice through the receiver.  Then he scratched the phone and stood on his hind legs and grabbed my mum's hand with his front paws.  My heart sank. I could picture his actions in my mind. After all, he had been my sleeping mate for 10 years, before and even after my marriage.  We had been through sickness and difficulties and he has been always there to provide his quiet consolation at night. Problems always seem to lighten a bit by a few minutes of interaction with him.

No doubt he did behave like a tit at times but I never took things to heart at all unlike my other family members.  He is a Jack Russell Terrier after all and making a nuisance of himself is a forte.  I am proud of him.  Hopefully I will settle fast enough and be able to bring him over with me.  Regardless whether I manage to achieve this, Chocolate will live his final days with me at his side when the day comes, I will assure that.

 At the vet 2 weeks before my departure for his swollen hind with a fishball size cyst.

Begging for food last week.

His square mouse pillow that he sleeps on every night.

Chocolate and his buddy, Tramp.


  1. Hey.. my dogs are with TJV too.. i see the tiling on the floor. haha. Hope chocolate is doing well right now!!!!

    1. i hope so too. i'm still not giving up in bringing him over