Redcliffe, the under-rated suburb

Redcliffe is the suburb I am living temporarily at right now. It has a rating of 77/100 at compared to the likes of neighbouring suburbs such as Belmont and Kewdale which has raving ratings each at high 80s.

Perhaps I am new here and can not see the intrinsic values of things here, but Redcliffe is seriously good enough for me. Too good perhaps. I took a few pictures of the surroundings on the way to the supermarket this morning. Take a look and be the judge.

The bus stop right near Joanna's house at the far sight of the picture. Only 1 bus, No.37 serves this area.

The street outside Joanna's house.
IGA, the nearest supermarket in our area. Feels like Cold Storage of Singapore but with much larger lanes, carts, larger packs of items etc.. you get the idea..
$1 bread again. Seems to be available everywhere, which is a good thing for paupers like us.

Tiny flowers on the ground everywhere makes me feel happy.
I like the way they park on lawn here. In Singapore how often do you see this?

It's no fun being told what to do and what not to do in every minor issues where most of us are mature enough to make decisions.

Joanna's house with at Suzuki Swift resting contentedly at the yard.


  1. Mate, Balga aside...Redcliffe is like the second crime capital of Perth.

    From your fellow SGporean living it up in Mullaloo.

  2. @hi fellow singaporean,

    Previously they told me it was Gosnells. and I heard a few more names too. It seems like everywhere is dangerous :O

  3. gosnells, redcliffe, thornie, carlisle are all dark suburbs. Avoid if necessary.

  4. Neh, it depends. There are bad streets and good streets. Each suburb is SO big.

  5. I like that you like the tiny flowers.