Bibra Lake

Apologies about the unedited shot. I didn't bring along Photoshop to Perth
We visited Bibra Lake on Christmas Day. MIL came along and spoilt our otherwise romantic quiet walk with her endless grumbling and comments about things she shouldn't be commenting on. If that was not enough, she interrupted every single conversation like it was the purpose she existed. At one point, she even yelled about me trying to reverse into a car. I ignored her and continued my reversing, got in safely and finished off my 3-point turn cooly in a way "Car-God" aka The Running Robot would be proud of. I kept quiet the whole while. I didn't want to get into arguments a noob who thought she knew how exactly the world works.

Bibra Lake was a decent place for a nice walk with your love ones. I like the place but I was hesitant to post this because of the memories I rather not recall. Nonetheless, I decided not to shun it. Negative memories have their purposes which tend to reveal themselves not immediately.

There are too many places in Perth where you can sit and dreamily watch the world go by. Bibra Lake is one of them. It is located in the City of Cockburn. How did the city gets its name? Nah, it wasn't what I thought it was. Heh. The lake is about 12.6 sq km in area. Not too small if you consider the total land area of Singapore's Punggol New Town being 9.57 sq km, with only 4.74 sq km as residential area.

Western Australia is big enough to leave a natural lake that big as a lake. Obviously we cannot afford this luxury in Singapore, not that many Singaporeans care for this 'luxury' anyway. In Vibrant Singapore (as how the most important man in Singapore, PM Lee puts it), the most important things are commercialised structures that churn income. 

Mind you, he may be right. What good are natural lakes if you do not have money in the pocket? The only problem is that the money tends to be in the pockets of some same people rather than all of us little men one the streets.

This little luxury however, is good for those who appreciates. Bibra Lake has a couple of free electronically operated BBQ pits for anyone to use. So just bring along food. No charcoal and fire starting is required.

 It will remain free so long as the people are cultured enough to keep the place clean leaving it as good as it was before each usage. Obviously the majority of the population are civic minded enough to keep such things possible. That's a pretty nice feeling isn't it?

That's not Jen taking a picture, in case you don't know
This is Bibra Lake
Geese, birds, ducks and seagulls living harmoniously here
Though it doesn't look like, but reminds me of West Coast Park in the 90s
Some friends having a Christmas tea
A serene environment for a walk if you care for it
They call them one of the 'water birds' but they look just duck to me
Nibbling frantically at Duck Weed


  1. Beautiful place. Free BBQ facilities some more. Here in Sg if u go to the beach coast, u need to book a BBQ pit and pay for it. It was $5 per pit more than 30 yrs when I was a student we organised a party at the beach. Our beaches are always crowded esp wkends and school holidays. No point going there.

  2. Man, You have been to more places in Perth in your few months than I have in my two years here.

  3. Nice photos! Looks like a beautiful place!

  4. Maybe the need and occasional yearning for wide personal space in an even wider natural setting, is inherent in all or most human kind, but for a small single-minded island, there can only be so many golf courses!

  5. Happy New Year! :) I remember Bibra Lake... a pretty place. Hope you're coping well with the warm weather in Perth. Take care. ~ SydneyLibrarian

  6. Haven't had time to read up your blog for the past week as I'm busy packing up for my trip to Melbourne. I just hope Melbourne have nice park like the one in your picture. Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  7. Car God here...Driving skills improving huh? Good, drive a few more years and you will become a demi-god. Of course, you will not become a deity like me. But close. Keep it up. Wrote on my 1st wife last night. It is here,

  8. @Gintai: Hi Sir, I used to have great moments doing BBQ in public parks. Back then it was already a bit of challenge to get pits on certain popular dates.

    These days, I don't think it's easy to get a pit at all. Moreover, the crowd (like you mentioned) makes the whole thing not that enjoyable anymore. That's 'vibrancy' i guess. I don't quite appreciate it though.

    @Alvin: hello Alvin, well that's because my new born is coming soon. Both of us know we will not be able to do these for quite some time so we took the effort to sight see as much as we can. At the same time, building memories of the place so we have a stronger sense of belonging.

    @Derek: Thanks bro. Same to you man.

    @Sujana: Thanks for the visit. I'll be visiting your blog real soon

    @Anomymous: Some people yearn for open spaces more often than others. I happened to be one of them, that's why I appreciate these places so much so i keep posting them. it's probably boring to many who are 'city dwellers'

    @SydneyLibrarian: Nice to hear from you again sister. I'm glad I gave you some past memories again :)

    @Thomas: Thanks so much for returning. Happy new year to your family and yourself as well. I'm sure Melbourne has great places as well. There were so many Singaporeans in Melbourne who told me it's a better place!

    @The running robot: I've read it, will be giving a bit of comment soon. I didn't improve my driving. It's still somewhere the same haha

  9. such a beautiful place. would love to visit this place if i ever have the chance to.

    if bbq pit like this would ever be available at my local park, i'm pretty sure it would be broken only after several uses. even if it doesn't, it would definitely not be properly cleaned and the place would be in a mess.

  10. @himono-onna : hmm it seems to be the case from where i came from as well. that's why it never fail to amazed me how this system works here in Perth.

  11. i guess it depends on the mentality or characteristic of a person, whether they are considerate enough to think of the next person using it.

    1. you need the majority of the entire mass in the country to do it right to make it work. culture works better than regulation. and it passes down from generation to generation...