Australia Summer Myths?

They warned me about it in a serious tone and a grim expression. Some shook their heads sadly when they talked about the Summer. It was supposed to be that bad.

A few brought up the hottest day in Perth, at a ferocious 46°C, in modern history.

I thought I'll die in the Summer heat but no. Summer technically ends at the start of March. That means I'm almost halfway through Summer.

The Singaporean trait in me is acting up again.

They warned that February will be the worst of Summer. They said the same for January, in comparison to December. Yes, it was quite bad at the end of December where I experienced one 39.9°C afternoon, coupled with the fact my mother-in-law came over. Things really got heated up a bit.

Hey, but this week wasn't so bad, I have to be honest about it. In fact even on that hottest day I've experienced in Perth so far, I managed to sleep well that night. (yes, even with the MIL sharing the room) The night was never as hot as the worst in Singapore where I could sweat profusely in my bed and remained awake deep into the night.

The statistics doesn't lie. Look at the table above. The warmest day since I came would be 39.9°C. At night, it would go as low as 21.8°C. Seriously good enough for anyone to get decent sleep without the air conditioner on.

What Summer? It's not even as bad as the warm streaks in Singapore that usually last for more than half a year and it was pretty bad during the nights of that period as well.

Bring on the rest of Summer! Hahahahaha.


  1. Gee that is hot! I remember the summer days while I was living in Perth... a whole week of over 30 deg C, and sometimes even 40 deg over a couple of days!

    Yes, January/Feb are the hottest months... so do keep hydrated.

    ~ SydneyLibrarian

  2. @sydney librarian: don't scare me leh sydney librarian. You are sure stopping me from getting complacent. The days may be hot but if the nights are cool enough for me to sleep, i'm happy enough =)

  3. That is the typical dessert type of weather and I still remember how hot was it during the summer time in Perth when I did part time long time ago..... But in fact no sweeting.. typical dry kind of weather no matter how hot it is...

    Night time just need to bare with it for some time for hot... but normally cooling.... soo for me still ok... the sky is still blue and clear ... and night was just so bright when reaching 9pm cos of the daylight saving... special experience for me that time....

  4. I had my share of a 4 season living in Japan. And it feels good to live of my employer and have the air-con on 24/7. :P

  5. Sorry bro, technically summer is Dec to Feb. First of Mar is officially autumn.

    This is my third summer in Perth and yes this is a lucky and unusual year because of La Nina. I wish every summer is like this summer but I don't think it is going to happen.

    In end Jan/Feb, there is usually a spell of high 30's continuously for 4 to 5 days.

    Wait awhile, we will get there.

    Good thing about Australia is that just as it begins to become unbearably hot, it starts to cool down. And just when it gets too cold in winter, it starts to warm up.

  6. bro... perth is freaking awesome la... i have been working here for 4 years and loving it! So much to do and to much time!

    p.s we should hang out.. i got no friends..

  7. @alvin: boss. That's what i said wor. Summer ends at the start of march. I.e 1st march . Haha.

    @anonymous in perth: contact me via email? I dun wan to leave my mobile no. here =)

    @wbucket: bro it's my first time. V suaku lah...

    @peyning: u see brights stars here. Singapore no.

  8. Bro, I just touch down on Australia's soil yesterday with my leather jacket cos I was having winter at China before I arrive. So far so good in Melbourne though, cooling and windy night as you said. But after reading all the comments, think I have to prepare my water bottle when I go out and do my water parade everyday :P

  9. @Thomas: Welcome to very hot hell ;)

  10. If you would like to gather all the new and old singaporean together(in Perth)...I will be happy to open up my house.

    Hope u still hv my email.

  11. @Alvin: thanks for your offer.

    currently I have :

    patrick, the man who brings me memories of sg with his cooking.

    Denise, the mum living near uwa

    melvin, staying in southern river (or was it you instead) blur liao

    alex: just arrived in perth

    ewan: just arrived in perth for recee, leaving soon.

    Melvyn: offered help

    hope i didnt leave out anyone. Typing these offhand without checking. got no idea how to get everyone together. I've nv been a good organiser before. Haha

  12. I am the one who lives in Harrisdale, next Southern River.

    Two ways:

    1. Mention it in your next blog
    2. if you have all their emails, do an email blasts.

    I will be happy to meet Ewan during his recee.

  13. @Alvin: Ewan is already here. he took a bus to Murdoch uni from his aunt's place in Ellenbrook. Wah piang. if only he stays longer, i may be able to help him. he's prob returning next week or something.

    Anyway: if u don't mind open house, Auntie Denise has volunteered to do the organising. So I pass your email to her?

  14. Good,....YES just in case, my email is