Homemade Rice Wine a Success

Continuation from this.

3 months ago, we made wine. It was for my wife, Jen. We made it, the wine was a success and it was just in time for its intended usage.

For a total of AUD$20,00, we produced an yield of 16L of rice wine! We could not even bring all of them back as we had only 11 bottles of 750ml wine bottles. There are about 7-8L of wine left at Joanna's place.

I would like to express my utmost thanks to Joanna, who was pivotal in this mission.

We have wine for Jen's confinement period now. All ready.

Very strong and rich rice wine
Bottling after cleaning
Close up. It's lovely, no?
Atas corks
The corking machine
Sealed tight
What's left 
We'll share the spoils for now! Thanks Joanna


  1. Joanna is amazing! it looks tasty & PROFESSIONAL! haha


  2. woah... can become a home-business!!
    have a an indian friend in bankstown, sydney, who process and sell coconut milk to restaurants and shops, all from her tiny apartment. and doing pretty well too..
    idea?? hahah
    btw, did you use the leftover wine to make 'red-wine chicken"???

  3. that's great! Thanks to the humidity in Perth. All ready all ready...where's my darling niece LOL

  4. how about u brew some beer at home?

    home brewed chilled beer to cool u down during the summer. :)

  5. Jen give birth le ma?

    ah pooh

  6. @meinv mama: We are pleased. :) now only wait n wait. i knew from the start KK got the date wrong. just my instinct.

    @ah pooh, not yet leh......

    @chinchilla: nothing's happening today too.

    @anonymous: I don't know how to make beer. maybe someday when i have my own rental place.

    @peck: maybe. not many people do rice wine here but the demand is also low i guess, compared to SEA countries.

  7. In Singapore, this is considered the manufacture of moonshine and thus illegal (or at least it was)! :lol: Thus my family has been carrying on this Foochow tradition illegally for the last 100 years.

  8. Original moonshine:


  9. @milcy : i learnt something new today!

  10. wow... looking good...
    interesting leh. corking machine oso have!


  11. @julia: learn new things since i came. Many things learn from scratch.