Summer kinda sucks. Just take a look at this:

I drank 3 x 1.5L of water at work on 28 December and never went to the gents once. No I didn't pee in my pants. I simply had no extra liquid to pass out at all. At the end of the day, I continued drinking litres of water and juice at home but my thirst was never quenched that day.

Fortunately, Summer is only 1/4 of the year here and the other 3/4 is way much cooler. How long more do I have to bear with this?

Summer: December to February
Autumn: March to May
Winter: June to August
Spring: September to November

So which is worse, the searing summer or the Mother-in-law?

Mmm, come to think of it, summer's not that bad.

1) It ends in February instead of March. 
2) It annoys you in only 2 ways. The heat and the flies. That's it.
3) There are some off days in Summer where the weather is nice and cool.
4) You can hide from Summer if you go indoors.
5) Summer does not talk.


  1. LOL.

    lurker here, enjoying your posts!

    - sg, punggol.

  2. The last point should be rewritten as:
    5) Summer does not talk BACK.

    No offense eh, start of cheeky new year mood.

  3. That is damn hot!!! And you must have look hot too! lol ;)

  4. Oh dear. MIL that bad, huh? Lol! I remember the Perth summers all too well! It's 32 deg here, the hottest we've had so far... ~ Sydney Librarian

  5. Right now, I'm having -7deg in Northeast China with snow last night. Not sure how my body will react to the summer heat in Melbourne. Have been monitoring the weather forecast of Melbourne lately, just hope I don't melt in the summer heat. But seriously, I do miss the heat :P

  6. @disorder: are you my neighbour?

    @Den: Summer does not talk AT ALL. That's what makes it cool :)

    @Lionel Liew: I look hot, but not that kind of hot regrettably. More like angry-hot these days.

    @Sydney Librarian: I've been warned the worse is yet to come so...

    @Thomas: Miss your head. Wait until you kena 40C temp here, I make you stand in the sun for 1 hour. You confirm go hospital haha

  7. looking at the post you made since your MIL arrived in Perth, I think you should seriously consider having a chat with your wife wrt MIL ..

  8. 5) Summer does not talk BACK.

    wahahahah!! =x


  9. @Peck: Some people can't change. I'll bear with it for 3 months and we'll resume proper life after she leaves instead

    @julia : *spank*