The New New Year Resolution

Sometime ago I mentioned about how I failed to achieve every single New Year Resolution in my life. It's worth mentioning that I didn't even remember what resolutions I made for certain years.

The 2011 resolution was a little different.

1) I made a claim in an online forum to people I knew that I would achieve it.

2) I was very specific with the goal

and somehow I managed to achieve it. Coincidence?

These rules are nothing new. They were spammed thoroughly by now in any goal-setting books, talks or other media you probably came across. I am not advocating them just because I fulfilled one pathetic New Year Resolution.

I do find it easier to remember the goal if I tell many people about it. Perhaps it works the other way round. These people help remind me they can't wait to kick my sorry ass when I don't make it.

If you made a goal to 'Be Happy' in 2012, how are you going to measure if you have been happy enough at the end of the year? If you aim to be 'Be Happy' in any circumstance and have the discipline to do it, you don't need to make this resolution in the first place. Thus, make sure the goal is very definitive and very measurable. Being VERY specific is crucial because you know it when you achieved your goal, or know how far you were if you didn't.

I'll try it for 2012 and see if I can be 2nd time lucky.

My resolution: I want to make $1000 in passive income by the end of 2012 (if the world doesn't ends)

How about immortalising your New Year Resolution in this post with me?


  1. Great advice! I'll try this :)

    My New Year's Resolution: To go to the gym every weekday!

  2. @Sujana: thank you. Looks like you are the only one who has a resolution or you are my only reader. heh heh

  3. Not to get angry with my parents when they didn't know better ... hopefully

  4. I hope I am not too late.

    Mine's to get out of Lion City... By 2015.

    1. If your destination is to be Perth, please look for me when you arrive.