Pretty Tied Up

The windows, roused by the wind of change, were drumming as I typed. The wind brought Summer to his knees tonight, along with tonight's temperature down to 19 degrees celsius.

No blog post since Summer's onslaught. Got grilled or drilled? Both. I was offered to work on both Saturday and Sundays. I was knackered but it was deal.

Why am I still working my guts out in Australia when one of the gripes about my life in Singapore was a hard work regime? Was the hectic lifestyle of Singapore the problem or simply was I cursed with a lifetime of encumbered labour?

Or maybe the problem is me. No.

I didn't have a choice in Singapore. My employer demanded of it. I didn't get paid even once for working after office hours. Promises of granting me extra offs for working on Public Holidays were broken as well. 

This time I chose to work. Why not? The rates were decent. 1.5x the first 2 hours and double for the remaining 6 hours on Saturday. Double pay throughout Sunday would mean I worked an extra day with the effort of just one. Straightforward. I need money for diapers. Stock diapers while the sun still shines, Summer or no Summer.

Talking about that repulsive wank, he did manage to carry out his vengeance as threatened. I was made to do some painting job outdoors on Saturday. That was some damn conspiracy going on, wasn't it? Summer rubbed his hands in glee and gave his best shot. Whatever he did, shooting fireballs from his eyes or fart, was effective. The paint that I applied on hot hard steel dried within 3 seconds. That slowed my progress down significantly and that meant I had to carry on the task longer under Summer's punishment.

When I entered the 'smoko' room by break time, Young the Korean was laughing and shaking his head at me. Even in his gibbish Korean, I knew what he was trying to say. Every Korean in the room agreed I had a tough time out there that afternoon and gave me sympathy laughs. Summer though, lost the chance to finish me off. A litre of apple juice restored half of my HP. I slogged on the rest of the day with whatever was left in me. By night, I was blessed with temporary aegis in the form of an evening drizzle. 

A constant wind kept Summer at bay thus Sunday was a much better day at work. With my temporary guardians around, Summer stayed away for now. I could hear his annoying growls, he couldn't be too far out.

Bring it on Mr Fiery Brimstone. Your days are numbered. The day to banish you for the rest of the year will soon come. I'll be there to have the last smirk.

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