City Beach

City Beach
Don't ask me how City Beach gets its name. To me, a city and a beach just doesn't go together especially a magnificent beach like City Beach. I have been to some nearby beaches but I didn't enjoy them as much as this one.

The first time I came was during my first visit to Perth. It was probably the first place Jen took me for sightseeing. It was winter back then and I had difficulty adjusting to the cold. We sat down at a quiet spot. The beach was almost vacated with just a few surfers by far distance trying to get their boards up the curls. "Insanity," I remembered thinking of the surfers as I winced as the chilly gust of wind stabbed me.

We sat down on the grass. No insects, no soil that stains clothings. The blades of the grass were fine so they felt smooth to touch, great to lie on. We ate something light as we normally do, wherever we go and watched the greedy white birds inched nearer.

The experience was totally different here in early Autumn. It had a gay festive feel all round. The pictures say it all really.

Aussies love picnics
"Who wants milk?"

Electric BBQ pits, free to use no bookings required


  1. theres' a city beach in brisbane city centre... hahah
    nice, never had the chance to really explore all this places last time I was in Perth, which was 15 years ago??? Hurrying from the one tourist area to another...
    i like beaches, but not east coast. too bl**dy hot
    makes me wonder though, do they ever fight for the bbq pit?
    Thanks for sharing, all your pictures of Perth is making me work double hard....hahah

    1. Hi Peck! No, people here are nice and they don't fight for the bbq pits :) After they finish cooking, they'll clear the area and let others to use it. If not, i believe they won't mind sharing. :)

  2. Beautiful blue skies. Love to see them especially when it is cloud_less.