So You Still Wanna Be a Blue Collared Worker?

Remember I got an eye accident sometime back due to carelessness? This time I got a burn due to bad luck.

Okay. There are several Singaporeans who contacted me and told me they will do anything, including blue collared jobs if they could come to Australia to work. As usual, I don't want to hold anything back. I am not a liar and I don't paint a good picture of Perth than it is. Good is good, bad is bad.

I'm pretty sure no Singaporean reading this blog is a blue collar worker and I really wonder, especially for those who said they would anything, if they really know the demands of such a job requires of us and what it takes to perform one without dying too early?

I am constantly doing physical work non stop, except for official and unofficial (toilet) breaks. Unlike our office job where we can msn a little la, sms a little la, whatsapp a little la and facebook a little la. You know what I mean? Hmm, but sometime back a white collared auditor died in her seat at work. So it's hard to say which kind of work is tougher.

Take care everyone. Have a nice weekend.


  1. Oooh! That's must be painful. Wear your protective gear, mate!

    1. burnt right through the protective gear.

    2. wah! Alien 4!

    3. Just curious. Is this caused by a random piece of metal that flew out from nowhere?

  2. ouch man. have a good weekend hope there's less burns down the track!

  3. i had more awful injuries when i was a kid

    had to use green grass oil to heal it

  4. Uncle Phil got a point, for me, I always wear a long sleeved work shirt, even on warm days........wish you for a speedy recovery

  5. Hey sorry to know about your injury. wishing you a quick recovery! Maybe try some aloe vera gel or lotion. take care ya.

  6. Take Care!!! - Raptor

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  8. -asingaporeanson-, the look of your wound reminds me of a motorbike exhaust-pipe burn I had years ago.
    Ignorant me as a young man placed my leg there, and ignorant me discovered the horrible way, what a painfully infected wound oozing pus for weeks was like.
    Thank goodness the scar has vanished after all these years.

    So please do take care against infection, which I hope is not so easy in the drier Perth climate.
    Do use antiseptics if advised to, and keep the wound clean and perhaps gauze covered, until it heals properly and healthy new skin regrows.

  9. Maybe I can add a bit to the thread here, by wondering out loud how a hopeless white-collar worker like me here, can turn blue-collar over there in Perth, beyond just being 'clever' with words and using a computer.

    I have a feeling I can work a bit better with wood, but not well with metal or stone.
    Over here, I have usually ignored my honest deep feelings about things but they have usually been right, so I'm not going to be able run a huge carpentry business after all, but a little cottage industry from home if I'm lucky.

    And then again, I'll be an incompetent fruit picker.
    I've heard of Vietnamese who make S'poreans look like incompetent kids, with their speed and tenacity.
    And I learnt that anyone thinking oneself smart to cut a deal first with the locals while leaving out the Viets, would probably get bashed or worse for cutting them out, so everybody better work buddy-buddy like.

    But I hope a little gardening is within my feeble reach.
    I know I sound sissy and girly, compared to all the high-earnings executives and managers back here, and what a waste of education on me, it seems.
    Then again, you don't need millions in ministerial pay to grown spring (green) onions and leeks (from garlic bulbs) quite well!

    And finally, -asingaporeanson-, your night-packer suggestion from a post months back is still looking good.
    I just hope I'm good enough for the job.

    Wishing you again — good healing!