6 Months of Perth

Serpentine Dam
The impending death of one of my dogs weighed heavily in my heart. Tramp isn't walking and feeding well and is getting blind. Though Tramp wasn't my favourite dog, he was part of our family. Non dog-lovers would never understand the complex bond a man could have with a dog.

Eugene's dad simply told me to 'put them down' or 'give them away' when I told him my mum's hesitation to join me in Perth due to the dogs. As far as I could remember, we were dog owners since I was a very young child. I have lived with a dog 10 times longer than my marriage and fatherhood added up. My personality, beliefs and values were partly influenced by my interaction with my furry friends.

I have a dream and I told Chocolate, the Jack Russell Terrier before. One day, I'll live in a house with a yard and he'll be able to run and play in the garden the way he truly deserves. As my impulsive and hot blooded years came to a closing end towards my 30s, I lost the will firepower to achieve feats. I almost gave up and resigned to having made another broken promise.

As fate twisted, I'm in Perth. I cannot imagine that a few years back things will turn out this way. As a result, the winds that threatened to put out the last of the flickering flames of the little dream that both Chocolate and I shared have ceased. But I have to decide if I want to risk putting Chocolate through the anguish of being quarantined for a month here in order for us to be reunited. At his age of 11, as an old dog, it'll be a tough call though he is still currently healthy and fit.

Chocolate will die by my side. With me being apart from him since my departure, a bit of me dies everyday. I miss him so badly that I had to force him out of my mind. If I couldn't be with him in
demise, it'll be one of my biggest regret ever. He's not just a dog to me, he's a fiercely loyal friend that witnessed an important part of my life from NS, to my working life, marriage and finally migration. He never took a single day off to share my weals and woes.

Most people will tell me he's just a dog. But undying loyalty, compassion and love have no bounds. If one cannot appreciate these because of the class of subject, he deserves none from any.

As I reached the 6 months mark of my departure, I am very well aware by now how much my friends, family and pets meant to me. Being brought up in an environment where I wasn't taught to express myself verbally and physically I continue to struggle in telling them so or giving them a hug. But I could write, that is the only way I can relay my thoughts clearly.

Eventually I'll rent a place of my own here in Perth, with a garden. If I could get Chocolate here with me before it is too late, we could fulfill our dreams. Close enough. I'll have no regrets while my buddy eventually will run his last days in contentment with me by his side and wait for me in hell. By then, hopefully I will have instill Albany with the compassion for little animals.


  1. Dun worry, I 'm pretty sure the love for dogs is hereditary , I love dogs and so does my kiddo :) pets are good teaches kiddo responsibility and kindness, plus dogs give unconditional love and do not NAG! What's there not to like?

  2. The folks at byford quarantine are wonderful people. They will give yiu dog exrra hugs on your behalf. You ca leave treats and food with onstructuons too. Remember , you may visit for up to 3 times per week and this allevoates their anxiety esp in the first week. God luck. Alex

  3. Man's best friend is really amazing.

    Some years back, one of my father's dog was really sick.

    She was making strange noises while huddled in a corner.

    When my father got back from work, she passed on right in front of him. She had to wait for him to get back!

    Yes, time does fly. When I first landed, I was wondering how I was going to get by the next few weeks or months. Or if I will get by these weeks and months!

    But now i need to renew my 6-month rental lease :)

    I guess, in another blink of our eyes, it will be a year and then, before you know it, it will be time to decide whether to take up citizenship :)

  4. Reading at this blog of yours, take my memory back for my old dog, Bobby. He also pass away just a few days back, on 13 March. I was very sad but ya I have to accept this as my dog was very old already. My mother told me he died quite peacefully with everyone around. That was also quite good fod him cos he was really old and quite suffering with sickness. Although I still felt sad but he was always in my mind.

  5. Amazing, -asingaporeanson-, you're nursing injury and you've shot off 3 posts in a brief while! *salute*

    Happy half-year!

    And to Chocolate:
    hang on in there, friend!
    You shall be with your human soul-buddy soon, at last!

  6. I totally feel you.. I've 3 dogs.. 2 of them are 9 and the youngest is 5.. the maltese who is 9 has heart murmur stage 5... I dunno if he is able to join me when im leaving singapore to oz... though he is a maltese but he has a body of a JRT! Wahahahaha.. I hope to bring all 3 to Ozzie to retire and have live a dignity of being a real DOG!