The End

I have received news that my buddy, Chocolate has passed away in the vet.
We didn't see it coming. He was fit and strong as hell even just days before.
After being abandoned twice by different families, he has been with us since.
As his custodian, I couldn't even be with him in his last journey. 
We couldn't fulfill both our secret dreams.

What good is this all?

A part of me died.


  1. my deepest condolences... keep the faith...

  2. Sorry to hear that

    My deepest condolences

    Try to cheer up


  3. My deepest condolences, I'm very sorry to learn about this.

    Jiayou! Gambate! Zhen Zuo! Cheer up!

  4. there is albany to fight for. do not give up.

  5. sorry for your lost mate. this too shall pass..

  6. I totally can understand you feeling.. Sorry for the lost of Chocolate but he was lucky that have you to be the last master although you are not able to accompany him for the last journey...

  7. My deepest condolences. Don't give up, least you still have your family here with you for comfort. I sure you will emerge a stronger person with the passage of time. Take care and don't up!


  8. Hi,
    I totally feel you. But look at the brighter side.. you have completed his life with all the unconditional love. I'm sure chocolate felt the same too... u take good care :~

  9. There are times when even our best friend can be of little comfort and this is one of them. Nevertheless, I want you to know that you have our deepest sympathy.

  10. Be strong for your family. Take care.

  11. SydneyLibrarian30 March 2012 at 18:23

    I'm really really sorry to hear this piece of sad news :( Take care and keep strong for your family!

  12. I'm sorry for your lost. Even he had left, but his journey with you have been a fruitful one. He had been so strong and trying his best to fight against the pain. It's the time for him to rest. He has always been the best companion. So, do him a favour. Feel happy for him that he had been relieved from the pain. Feel happy for those days that you have walk together with him.

    Time will cure your pain of lost.. but he will always remain in your heart..

  13. I'm so sad for you.
    I believe my family joins me in offering our heartfelt condolences.
    My wife's family used to rear dogs in their small HDB flat, so she would particularly feel your loss; our older son loves pets, but it has never been feasible for him to raise one.

    One of my wife's family's favourites, Ah Boy, has been there for years, where Chocolate is now.
    I don't think I'm too rude, on your behalf and my wife's, to request him in my dream, to look up Chocolate and give him a warmhearted barking welcome.
    I never met Ah Boy, but from what I heard from my wife, he's a natural leader whose small size belied his fearlessness, until his unfortunate departure in an unforeseen road accident years ago.
    Maybe he would never have liked me, because I'm so fat, but he'd probably accept all of us honest types OK!

    Chocolate will never walk alone, with us over here who remember him, and his buddies over there looking out for him.

    I believe you must grieve, and when you reach a point, you will go on.
    I believe Jen and Albany and your mother, at least but most importantly, are waiting for you to move past this phase, and carry on your unfolding future history with them.
    Eventually, I sincerely hope that you really come to terms that Chocolate will not diminish any less in you, the best of what he is, as long as you allow him to glow strongly.

    I believed our late mother would live into her 80s, given her fierce passion for life.
    Then a rare brain cancer took her away after 60, in less than one and a half years in early 2006.
    We grieved as she declined rapidly, although it felt like it dragged for very long.
    We grieved after she left, the silence, the emptiness, the absence.

    Yet every day now she is with me, with us, and my wife, who was close with her as good friends first before she met me, told me recently that it is the same for her.
    Every time I wish she was there to see our boys grow up, and experience all the new exciting things happening every year… there was no need to, because she has witnessed all of it too — through us.

    Mourn as you must, -asingaporeanson- .
    Then after that, those who are your friends await you to continue this journey of life.

    And on that eternal grass field, Chocolate awaits you all the time, to run to you barking, to lie at your side.
    Make sure he never dims in your mind's eye.

    1. Good words, bro... hope singaporeanson is coping and coming to terms.

      I, too, have a lost a favored pet when I was much younger, and the pain was so great I felt my heart was torn apart. So I can understand, and sympathise with his loss.

      You never walk alone; when it's time, know that we are here for you...

    2. Thank you, Zororoz!

      As long as sharing experiences helps ease the pain and sustain the glow of the best memories, then I believe we're glad to do our little parts!

  14. Deepest condolence for the lost of Chocolate. Stay strong bro, You'll Never Walk Alone!