Jen's Surprise Birthday Gift

My card
Jen made me a card on my birthday a few months back. It was nice of her so I decided to make something for her as her present, one day belated. Here is it:

Jen's birthday present
Needless to say, Jen was mildly pleased.

Then surprised when she realised there was more than meets the eye.

And finally, very pleased as she savour the little gift up. Just a little thought from the heart to cheer us up in our tiny room. Even baby Albany made little noises to join in the fun.

The deception

The steps: (for anyone interested to do a little something - it only took me 15 minutes)
Black biscuit, lemonbalm from Eugene's garden and a clean pot
Crush 'em up by light pounding or blend if you have the machine
Put something at the base to delay melts, I used bread
Stuff it in
There is it, the star
Scoop and fill it up
Cover the top with a thick later of crushed black biscuits and stuff the little lemonbalm herb in

Hope you like it and have a memorable birthday Jen.


  1. SydneyLibrarian11 March 2012 at 13:54

    Haha! How innovative & clever of you! :-D

  2. well done ...!

    Btw are you affected by the fire ?

    1. No I'm not affected by the fire, i didn't even know there is one until i was told

  3. Wow....I have been reading your blog for quite a while now.
    But first time commenting.

    I could not stop smiling after reading this.
    The first photo, I thought its a basil seedling.
    And then I scroll down...could not help smiling.
    Very funny...

    BTW, I live in USA but lived in Singapore as a kid.Parents and sister's family still in Singapore. I would love to move back to Singapore this year...but not having much luck in job search.

    Keep the posts coming..loved seeing ur posts on ur perspective as a Singaporean in Australia.

    Take care..

    1. Hi LuvSingapore,

      Thank you and good luck to your job search.

  4. You are amazing!
    This is so unexpectedly creative, I'm bowled over!
    (No, don't worry, I didn't fall off my chair and break my back, just in my mind.)

    Happy birthdays to you, Jen and Albany, belated or in advance, whichever days of the year!

  5. You had be believing it was a young sapling...well done!

  6. I would love to see her expression when she first saw it and then when she realise what it is :)

    Good one, bro. I thought it is a small plant too.

  7. @Alan, ahk177 and Pat:

    Thanks, I always believe in giving a good memory as a present instead. It may sound cheapo but that's the way it is..

  8. I only realised when I read this post the 2nd time around.

    Damn creative, sia!!

  9. I'll make that too... Cool! M

  10. I love the present very much. To this day i still remember it very clearly. Thank you darling :)

    Your Ah Jen