Jobs For Foreigners, National Service for Singaporeans

Is there no Singaporean who holds a Degree in Marketing with a 2 years of proven track record in similar capacity, being able to speak well in both English and Mandarin with a good working attitude and able to fiddle with a computer?

Is a Regional Sales Manager in a prestigious company a vocation that no Singaporeans wanted to take up like what the PAP ministers claimed?

Do we need a foreign talent to take up this crucial position to make Singapore 'punch above its weight?'

Touch your conscience Men-in-White, the Singapore media and contrarian bloggers. Now tell me Singaporeans are xenophobic or not? Or is it that there are too many obvious items from all categories of life that irk Singaporeans about foreigners, this being one example - in job competition.

I believe by now it is very clear. Singaporeans have spoken loud and clear for anyone who is interested to listen. Singaporeans accept foreigners. All they ask for is a level playing ground. Be it education scholarships, jobs opportunities or sports, Singaporeans are getting discriminated in their own country. Some PAP guy will use the media to drum into Singaporeans that there are different scholarships schemes for foreigners and locals, for example. Packaging discrimination in a horadic cube doesn't transmute it into fairness.  

You can fool all of them some of the time;
Some of them all of the time;
But you cannot fool all of them all of the time.

You can't hide a fox's tail in an undersized white pants forever.

In Australia, the top moral value of the country is to give everyone a fair go - including the foreigners. Even if the locals are subtly unhappy it, they try their best to withhold what everyone believes it. As long as you try hard enough, you'll have a big break in Australia whether you are a local or foreigner. The Australian government is not pretending that there are no xenophobia or racism in Australia. The media picked things up as it is and people are making a collective effort to make things a little better for everyone and hope things improve.

In Singapore there is a total denial that Singaporean men are discriminated against in employment because of their NS commitments. Discrimination against Singaporean women due to pregnancy issues. Discrimination against Singaporeans for their abilities. Stereotyping against Singaporeans' asking for higher salary. Prejudice against our hunger to perform.

Is the situation improving after we highlighted examples after examples of these unfair practices? Is anyone listening? Or did we stop at the first stage by flashing the denial card at the problem again.

Our government, business owners and the common people are not working as one. There isn't a strong vision to take us forward anymore. If there is one, many don't believe in it. I don't. Do you? Foreigners are not the solution to a country's vision. Patriotism is free yet it cannot be bought. At the same time, it can be lost and never found again. 

At this rate we are going, we're heading into the gutters. In the midst of all these, Singaporeans are still hating Singaporeans and fighting among themselves. 

Wake up Singaporeans!

Did you vote for this fucker?


  1. Scholarships for foreigners, debts for singaporeans!

  2. you can be sure the white shirts will come out to say, well, this is just an isolated incident and therefore we should not be over-reactive to raise false(sic!) alarm bells.
    thank gawwd i gave up on whiteshirts just as soon as my O levels was over....that was 1979. they have been on nothing but a downhill slide from public transport, human resources, public safety, and then this as exemplified above.

  3. By now it should be crystal clear that the PAPies hates Singaporeans.

    Looking at all their talk and actions forces me to come to this conclusion.

    Anyone remember sometime in 2010, during the Parliamentary debates, a lot of PAPies were falling over themselves to condemn Singaporeans?

    Remember Ong Ah Heng claiming proudly that when ONE resident complained about the speed of the Singaporean cleaner in his estate, he immediately changed the cleaner to a foreigner, thereby no complaints were ever received again? (Hard to believe this person was an MP)

    The thing I don't understand is this. Why does the PAPies hate Singaporeans so much?

  4. I remember i read a article saying a $1K pay is enought for a singaporean to buy a HDB flat...What do you think? Its impossible lolx...come on can we affort! We will be sleeping on streets soon lolx.... every company got so many FT in it... i dont know how a singaporean can get a job like this. They are trying to force ALL SINGAPOREANS away from singapore. Soon there wont be any REAL singaporeans here. Gd Luck!

    Ah pooh

  5. MP look down on singaporeans, how? We are really nothing to them. we are ___? worst than 3rd class citizens

    ah pooh

  6. We voted for them. 60.14 % remember?

    1. not me u know who i voted heehee

      ah pooh

  7. I dislike the road that our country has taken under the PAPies too...and I had my fair share of hatred-guided blog posts before...but from one brother to another, you really should tone down your angst one notch my clouds your judgement/analysis and leads the site on a destructive/degenerative path.. just my 2cents :)


    1. Read this:

      I'm confused about the path of the site. you mean this blog? It is not meant to go on a constructive path, get popular, generated income, get publicly listed so i can live happily ever after.

    2. That's not what I meant either. Your blog has been a really good read so far, that's all.

    3. thanks. i was about to end my blog until you said that.

  8. i vote for a nsp candidate in my constituency but they(pap) stil won,now i dun know who to hate,pap or my fellow singaporeans(60 percent)..are thet really that ignorant?

    1. treat it like playing a game in the casino on a bad luck day, you'll feel better.

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