Hillary Boat Harbour

I had dinner once with my good friends at the Singapore Yacht Club before. It was a sea-facing alfesco dining, the experience was good. As good as having steamboat facing the India Ocean in Kukup or dining by the Strait of Johor at Bottleneck Village in Sembawang.

Hillary Boat Harbour was about the same. If you want to be specific about the little differences, the crowd was mainly caucasians, the ocean is a little blue-er, the air is a little bit fresher, the friends are a little bit new-er. All in all, it's a new experience.

The place reminds me a little of Sentosa. Very touristy, wooden frame shops, souvenirs, girls walking around in very little clothing, bright hot sun, water and sand. Jen and I had our first lesson in juggling the baby's needs during an outing while the usual gang of Singaporean folks chat away.

Aerial view of the harbour. No I didn't take this pic of course
The place was very family friendly. Which place isn't in Perth? The lagoon was welcoming to adults and kids. Most visitors couldn't resist a dip in the slightly warm but otherwise fine weather.


Then you see boats on sale. Some 'low end' models start from A$269,000 up to A$1.4 million and I'm sure it doesn't end there. Sometimes I wonder Australians know how lucky they are. Some of them are looking at owning boats while we are struggling to own a car for transportation in Singapore. But of course, we Singaporeans are luckier than people from many other parts of the world. So there.

There are many eateries along the marina that offers you a decent sea view. Needless to say, it's a nice feeling eating and gazing and the blue calm waters at the same time. It is just that kind of place where you can chat the afternoon after with your friends - if the waitress allows you to.


  1. hmmm, didn't know there was such a place in Perth. Seems like a nice place. Will visit when I next visit Perth. Thanks.

  2. SydneyLibrarian8 March 2012 at 09:22

    That was one of the last places I visited on my trip to Perth a few years' back. Very nice to just sit around and talk, and breathe in the fresh, fresh air...