Another PAP Defeat on the Books

It's ON. Hougang's by-election is finally coming with Nomination Day set on 16th May 2012. The propaganda machine is already switched on and will be blast to full volume in the weeks to come. Don't expect too much excitement compared to last year's GE though, Hougang is just a small family affair. After all, Hougang is a tiny constituent that the ruling party don't really care for.

But they do. The smaller a splinter, the more pain it inflicts and the more frenzy it drives a victim. Hougang remains an eyesore, a thorn in the neck for the PAP being an opposition stronghold for two decades as attempt after attempt faltered leaving faces redder each time. This time, with the Yaw debacle, the PAP smells blood. Never before have they a golden opportunity to retake Hougang and bury its electoral boundaries into the GRC abyss for good. We expect the PAP to put in some effort in their onslaught, nothing less.

The extent cannot be predicted at this point in time. The sorry card has been used too recently. It takes a while to recharge to be effective. So goes the same for the cry card. Though the die-card or the get-shot-in-public card could be used but I suspect the PAP is wise enough to keep diminishing number of trump cards tight in their sleeves, for future emergencies. Whatever it is, PAP doesn't stand a chance. Why?

"If we didn't get it right, I'm sorry. But we will try better the next time."
"Boo hoo hoo"
A laughable attempt by Desmond Choo to lobby for a new market that was torn down five years ago [link] suggests that the idea drought that the PAP is suffering from doesn't appear to be ending anytime yet. The PAP will continue to focus on dangling municipal carrots and again involved in gutter politics. That is not going to work, even as memory of Yaw lingers uncomfortably for the WP. Even as doubters cited Potong Pasir as an example that Hougang could possibly fall into PAP's hands.

What outsiders and the PAP do not realise is that this is not about lift upgrading or building wet markets. It is not about PAP vs WP. It is not even about Low Thia Khiang. What Hougang has is an indomitable kampong spirit that no peaceful acts by the incumbent could succeed in extinguishing. The Hougang spirit is a siege mentality that deemed any intrusion by the PAP as an attempt to break up the last flame of kampong spirit that Singapore has.

The only way for the PAP to win is to win over the hearts of Hougang Residents. To do that, they need time but time is not what they have going by the current situation. Carrots dangling will be straight interpreted as vote buying. When PAP realised that none of their strategies work, all they could and would do is to focus Yaw's incident and belittling WP as their last feeble attempt. That wouldn't work as well. Hougang knows something Singaporeans elsewhere don't.

My prediction: A PAP defeat

Meanwhile the importance of the result for this by-election cannot be underestimated. A bigger win for WP would put PAP on its toes (at long last?) as this acts as a preview to their next examination results. With a number of GRCs chalking up marginal victories too close for comfort, a worse result for this by-election will undoubtedly wake a few of them up.

The performance of the government in the past year hasn't been exactly great for Singaporeans and there had been clears voices from the crowd. Unfortunately, the men in white were still found to regard them as noises and dropped hints of internet censure. A drop in WP's votes or an unlikely victory for PAP would signify the chronic lack of political maturity of the population as voters continue to focus on personal or party issues putting aside national issues such as high cost of housing, medical fees, education system, the future of our children and the direction that Singapore is heading with only going cheaper as the main plan.

Thus, all eyes on Hougang this whole of May. What will be, will be. Good luck Singapore.

Vote wisely


  1. I like the 2nd last pic man.

  2. I wonder this by election was called to preempt the results of the court challenge by the Hougang resident?

    By doing so, the court might decide the outcome of the case is moot and dissolve it. Then there will not be a need for a legal binding, findings of the law, ruling on the PM.

    Anyone still remembers this court case that is in the works?

    Jeff Lim

  3. I think the papies will win, cos Singaporeans being Singaporeans, personal issues will come first. But I hope I'm wrong ...

  4. Will PAP winning change your mind about caring anymore for SG as a whole, Nix?

  5. PAP gahmen is not interested in Houngkang as they have more than 2/3 majority in parliament.
    Singaporeans should know the reality and they should vote overwhelming for WP to show who is the real master.
    As LKY said, there are many daft people who will vote PAP regardless.
    Frankly, people vote for their own selfish interest.
    If PAP win, there is no hope or future for Singaporeans.
    Nix, How's life?

    1. After PAP won in GE2011, there is no hope for S'pore until next GE.
      What important is to deny PAP 2/3 majority in next GE provided enough opp parties to contest more than 1/3 seats.
      There is only hope for S'pore if PAP is deny 2/3 majority in next GE.
      God bless S'pore and 39.9% S'poreans.

  6. PAP is mature enough to know what's winning? WIn or Lose, life's goes on..There's the big picture of many others..This is only a hiccup! Personal matter of the heart - it can happen to anyone, be it WP or PAP cos we're human..Nothing to do with Politics. "sometime man die, sometimes bull die" in a bull fight! Let it rest. Whatever the outcome, I am Sinaporean and I love my country and I believe in Lee Hsien Loong!

    1. I am a S'porean and I love S'pore but unfortunately I do NOT believe in LHL.
      The outcome of HG by-election will not affect PAP as it is already the legitimate govt but if PAP will to lose by a bigger margin in this by-election, it only shows PAP has failed to garner more votes after one year of being the govt of S'pore since its winning in GE2011.

  7. I am curious. It seems that most of the people who comment here are Singaporeans but you all bear so much hatred for your home country. I have spoken to people from war torn countries such as Lebanon and Afghanistan, but still most of them would like to return to their home countries one day. They would tell in great detail on how beautiful their countries are and how they loved their land. The focus is seldom on the war, Taliban etc. Now my country is engaged with troops in Afghanistan and I could safely say it is a far worse country than Singapore. Perhaps all this Singapore bashing is really uncalled for…

    Just my two cents worth. Thanks.

  8. I am from Toronto, Canada.

  9. pls dun mistaken our government for our country. Do you see it now?

  10. We are bashing our ruling party not our country which 60.1% voted PAP as govt in GE2011.
    We still love S'pore, as current or ex-S'poreans, whether we are now Aust PRs or Aust new citizens.

  11. @josh the problem is that everyone is hoodwinked into thinking that the government is that political party and vice versa. Therefore if that political party fails, the country will fall apart. But that is not true. A political party is not a country's government. Anyone from any other country can tell you that that is the most dangerous deception to ever be inflicted upon citizens. A government is to be by the people for the people. A government is not supposed to be a business run by nepotists and its people its employees.