Free Pets

I don't get it. Do locals in Australia treat their pets as poultry or just security alarms? Don't they have love for their pets? Every single day I find people giving good dogs away and many of these are good breeds that probably cost them a few grand when they first bought them. I do mean pets given away Every . Single . Day. Just today alone, I already found a few on gumtree. (above)

There is no specific trends about breeds, age or the condition of the pet dogs or cats. Locals just give them away like the way they give out good condition furniture. I wonder if anyone gives away their wife as well? I won't be surprised.

When I read words like 'regrettable', I can't help but sneer at the hypocrisy. Here you have someone who misses his dog everyday, plans to import his dog into the country and shed tears in his goggles during work when his dog died and then you see people dumping their dogs for a thousand reasons.

"I have no idea they will grow so big."

"He deserves more attention that he is receiving now."

"We are relocating and can't bring him along."

"I have allergy."

"Nobody keeps her company at home while I'm at work."

When no one adopts their pets they give them away to animal shelters. What the animal shelters do here is that they give the dogs, ex-pets of irresponsible owners, 72 more hours extension of the miserable lives for the last chance to be adopted before putting them to sleep. During these 72 hours, they are cramped in a cage where they could not move well and have to eat, sleep and defecate in the same space, frightened and confused while the other dogs and cats create a racket all night long. All these while their ex owners were enjoying their sleep in their warm bed sheets, their pets already a memory of the past.

While my rant will do nothing to help these dogs, I hope anyone who considered having a pet give a long hard thought before making the decision. Treat the decision making just like you are deciding to have a baby or not for your pet is supposed to be your family like a newborn baby. Unlike a baby who will eventually grow up and be independent, you are the world to your pet until they die.

Finally if you really think you are committed to devoting your attention to a pet till its death, please do not buy from a breeder. Do not be part of the demand that induces the supply. We do not need more breeders and more dogs created out for the purpose of profit than need. There are thousands of dogs dying from the jab everyday which are good enough as a pet just like any from the breeders.

If you really want a pet, buy one you'll fatten the pockets of breeders. Adopt one and save a life.



  1. sama sama in Singapore la.. have seen so many of my friends bought dogs on impulse and then had to give them away when they grew tired of it..
    my daughter has been asking me for a dog for the last 3 years but I have always rejected her cos I think no animals should be living in an apartment.. but that's just me

  2. You can find even more here...


  3. I used to have a pet when I was a kid. And it finally died after living a good life. I was so heartbroken, I vowed never to have another pet again, 'cos I don't want to go thru that pain.

  4. Pets get put to sleep every week because owners cannot afford or do not want to spend on treatment for their pets.


  5. comparing a dog to a wife to a good furniture?

    Poor wife....

  6. I agree that you should treat getting a pet just the same as having a child, it's a life long commitment to love and care for it the same as any family member. If you do, you know that you will be rewarded with great love and joy in your life, not to mention the health benefits it brings to you as well!

  7. I still remember my old dog that follow my family for almost 15 years pass away during my stay in Perth .. I cried almost a week.... I just dont understand why people can just take a pet and just throw them away. In my thinking, having a pet is just like having a kid. Once you have it, you just need to take care of their basic necessity. They can be loyal to you but in return you need to be responsible.

    But probably they thing pet is just a pet...Thanks for sharing a place to adopt dogs. In future if I wanna get a dog I will definitely go Gumtree to get one.....

  8. These people obviously don't believe in karma, what goes around comes around!