The Singaporean Parent

I realised why I had a bad day. I was sick all day and I didn't even know. I will rest. Will be better. Sharing with you my thoughts:

The Singaporean Parent
by asingaporeanson

When my child was conceived, I told the world
Be it a he or she, I'd love my child. 
Yes I did.

Before my child is born, I told the world
I just want my baby to be healthy,
Nothing else matters, I said.

When my child was born, I showed the world
My baby, the most adorable
I want to give my child the best, I said.

I read books, I played music, I recited poetry
Any day and every day
Train your child early, they said.

My child lagged her peers, oh dear
Rigorous tuition my child
There was no choice, I said.

My child scored more 'A's than the neighbour's child
I was proud and happy as can be
Money well spent, I said.

One failure in exams, one the child screwed up
Success is forgone, all the face went along
At my child, I was dismayed.

Long forgotten, what was most important
Once upon a time I said
Be it a he or she, I'd love my child


  1. just newly grad boy,

    hi! chanced upon ur blog and i seriously need help. i just graduated from ntu and i wanna move to aus to experience the working life over there any way for me to go over there and look for a job? i have a degree in mechanical engineering.

  2. probably just your first SAD ! (Seasonal affective disorder)