School Tales

My mother was not a highly educated woman but she was very serious in our education. Though I didn't go through a single lesson of private tuition in my entire life because we couldn't afford it, my mum expected me to do my best. Needless to say, if I came home with an examination result of 37.91% I couldn't possibly tell her, "Mum, change is coming. I only got 35.2% in the last exams." 

I'll get whipped.

Though I knew a boy back in school who could get away with the same reasoning even with his parents pumping in financial resources to hire personal tutors who virtually held the pen for him to complete all his tuition homework. Sometimes you could get away with any bullshit, it depends on what kind of family you are born into.

These boys have it rather good. They are the ones who get to play the newest computer games, new toys and a whole group of friends clamoring around them. Even if they got a score of 37.91% in their final exams, it felt like they were the winner. For years down the road, they still get the ice creams and pocket money to take chicks around town while we stay at home to play that same pirated computer game for the 41th time, betting a char siew bao with the best buddy that I could do it blindfolded without dying.

I wonder when will these guys ever taste a real defeat in life and understand the true meaning of being down and out. Maybe when they finally do, they feel the pain multiple times harder than the others, who are more seasoned to the blips in life over their early years. Well that's life. That's why life is interesting.

Before you see the last of the back of the rich kid, somewhere down the street, you see that obnoxious school bully coming your way. You know some bullies are real badass. They do evil stuffs but they stand out and accept punishment from the teachers when caught. Those are the bullies you've got to secretly take your hats off them sometimes. But what we hated most in school was bullies that hide behind a shield. Like an asshole who behaved like an asshole knowing he would not get into trouble because his father was a friend of the school principal. These cowardly bullies, despite all the backing they have, did not even have the guts to hammer that brave kid across the street who stood up to them in a rare occasion. Instead they run off to the teachers and told them that the kid across the street was provocative and combative. After which of course, they walked out of school with the teachers behind them and gesture to the kid across the street, "Come lah, beat me lah!" when the teachers looked the other way.

We meet all kinds of assholes, even very early in life. Normally these irk wouldn't disappoint. They grow up to be the same kind of assholes, perhaps to a greater degree. Their change in status doesn't change a single thing, essentially they're still the same assholes they were back in school.


  1. awesome story

  2. The day comes when there is no parent holding the pen and no teacher to hide behind, that's when these people finally have to look themselves in the mirror. You have to be glad it's not you :)

  3. hahah ... very "chim"
    doubt DC will get whipped though ... he could have done better if left alone to fend for himself

  4. "Scholars can choose an area of work in the PA they're passionate about, such as youth development, active ageing, sports, arts and culture." - this is sort of a tuition for assholeism, scholarships! All their scholarship schemes have failed, breeding a ruling class of "it's the number at the end of the day that counts" robots. The human factor inbetween is collateral to them. I hope for their sakes change comes swiftly, since everybody likes getting back at assholes.


  5. Very good posting! Enjoyed the tongue in cheek insinuation :)

  6. i think we have to use the only language ASSHOLES understand to get back at them and from this day onwards, here come the PRICKS