Blog Introduction: The Singaporean Son in New Zealand

Hi Nix,

I'm a big fan of your blog. I might be offered a job in NZ and thinking of moving there. But I have my doubts. I wonder if you can ask J if I can have his permission to access his blog so I can be inspired....


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I'm sorry J. It wasn't that I had forgotten you. In fact as you know, sometime ago I urged you to allow me to introduce your blog to everyone here. You agreed but I have been procrastinating. Deep apologies. I was thinking about doing it tonight. Then I received an email a few minutes ago from Eugene. A short one but it is a clear sign I should be doing what I should have done long ago.

For folks interested in J, the Singaporean son in New Zealand, please visit:

A word or 2 for Eugene. Thank you for reading the blog. If you are not sure about moving overseas to work, there may be some issues you may need to iron out on your side. Reading a blog for inspiration may be the wrong door to knock on, though looking at the beautiful pictures of New Zealand that J put up in his posts, I may be wrong. Good luck 'mate.


  1. Great to have another blog to read.

    J, if you are reading this, your blog certainly brings back some memories that I have of New Zealand. Though that was many years ago, I still prefer NZ to Perth (where I am now) but things may have changed in NZ too.

    Have an awesome time in land of the long white cloud. Kia Ora.

    1. Kia Ora!

      Thanks. I really enjoy myself here, especially with the hikes and the volunteering work I'm doing right now. Will be looking to get mobile internet soon so I can travel around the country and do job search at the same time. Not to mention learn skiing and snowboarding once winter is here. hahaha


    2. Should try Whakapapa (try saying that!) since you are in Auckland!

    3. Hahaha.. My plan is to do ski and snowboard in the South Island and hopefully visit Abel Tasman. Maybe I should try to do on both islands, maybe skiiing at Whakapapa while snowboarding in the south island. Will see how it goes as winter get nearer.


  2. Hahaha.. No worries Nix. You were busy with other more pressing matters too, moving house, landing your perm job. Plus the later you introduce it, the more I can try to bullshit on my blog. LOL

    To Eugene: I'm not sure how much my blog will help given that I'm still job searching here, so won't really be able to comment such matters. As you can see on my blog, it's more of a simple reporting of my days here. hahaha...