Online Warrior

I hope that picture they used in the article is a misfit. I'm sure it must be. Tell me they didn't give someone an award for trolling on the internet. This must be PAP's idea of 'engaging the public in new media'. I wondered are these trolls paid. I don't mind an award too, where do I apply to be a PAP Internet Brigade? I think I will excel in this kind of thing. Maybe they will promote me to BG after a few years of hardcore trolling you serial Singaporean keyboard warriors?

The younger net-savvy population has been voicing their opinions online. These folks practically eat and breathe the internet, unlike old farts like me and that chap receiving the award from $8 Khaw. There are strong hints that the PAP is very uncomfortable with new social media and seeks to control and dictate it as they did to traditional media engage the youngsters more aggressively. With their current ideology from setting up some P65 blog that nobody wants to read to setting up facebook accounts of minsters and mps and deleting each and every comment they deem negative on their wall, I wish them the best of luck.

This netizen's kind offer did not last an hour on PM's wall

Oh by the way, this Online Warrior has some interesting history as well. [link] Apparently, conflict of interests is PAP's middle name. Just, look at our labour union. I don't mean supermarket ok.

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