PAP Can't Buy Pure Passion

We all heard about free bus rides and Nasi Lemak for old folks in exchange for some simple play acting cheering for some political party. We also heard of free chikus and abalone porridge. Now we have phantom hand to teach uncle how to cheer properly on national TV.

Only 1 packet of Nasi Lemak, need to do so much things. Work OT until so late some more. Anyway, compare that with this:

There are many things money can buy. Not pure passion in this case.


  1. Passion can never be bought with money. Just look at our Singapore sports that's in shambles after bringing in FT like track & field, football. Or how our ping pong, aka China Team 2 divide the country.

    Well, I'm glad that WP won Hougang again though I doubt PAP going to wake up with this loss.


  2. I want that unbella!

    ah pooh

  3. The phantom hand scene is the new definition of "pathetic". You are right, passion cannot be bought.

  4. that's why western australia state voters have consistently elected liberal party candidates.

  5. YaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. aussie aussie aussie oui oui oui !!!

  7. Why? Becos hougang is not for sale!
    S'pore needs more hougang and aljunied to save S'pore.

  8. Passion... this is exactly what PAP is lacking. It is a problem even to their own party. Leadership renewal is important issue at PAP. I think when you pay them too well, they slack, many would rather enjoy good life than taking up more responsibility. I am not good in writing.. i hope you get what i mean.

    1. When you feed the pig too well, it will grow fat and lazy.
      Time to slaughter the big fat pig for the poor people.

  9. Pure passion cannot be bought by those who resort to pure logic, reasoning, argument, education and theory.

    One of the most fun things I learnt from psychology is that people use their reasoning to give excuses, for why they use their feelings to spend money to buy something.

    That is why logically you don't really win at lottery and gambling; it's the passion for winning big that keeps people splurging and going bankrupt in casinos, and at regularly paying hard-earned money like taxes, just to buy 4D (national lottery) weekly.

    That is why sales, discounts, free gifts and memberships keep people passionately spending away, to grab bargains in bulk of what they don't need; logically, you waste more money doing so.

    How about a POSITIVE example of pure passion then?
    As -asingaporeanson- has pointed out in a more recent post here:
    you design a perfect GRC system in cold logic;
    it becomes a perfect storm in Aljunied of pure passion.