3 Weeks of Guild War 2

Chio right? That's where my Guild War 2 character got her name. Penny was wrong to say that guys always use female characters - especially stunning looking ones and vice versa for the female gamers. I played 5 years of Guild War 1 with a skeletal looking guy with bloodshot eyes who looked just a bit more human than the Death guy in Death Note. So much for using pretty female characters as fantasies.

I never spent much time designing my game character. Within minutes I was in running about usually. This is my second game character actually. The first one was named 'Singapore Slave', which was met with disdain from my buddy almost 5 seconds into the game. I thought I could last 10 seconds. So -poof- it went and the new character resurface after a day. This time, he was happy. He had a pretty face to look at, whereas I am looking at her back practically the whole game. So you know who really enjoys ah? I should have created a scarred face grotesque Charr - a race in the game which you couldn't differentiate between female and male. That bad.

Hey. You won't believe this. A Singaporean bro even got into the game to chat with me one night. I got to reflect on my level of elusiveness that someone had to look for me in an MMORPG to have a chat. That was unexpectedly good, though it was bizarre to chat about real life issues while I was hacking some undead at the same time. I wasn't too sure if this bro is comfortable for me revealing his identity. Anyway, he would notice I got myself almost to the max level in 3 weeks. Before anyone could accuse me of being a game freak, the first maxed level character since the game was launched was some Korean guy, who did it in 2 days. 2 days. I was still harvesting onions on my 2nd day of play.

Jen actually took an interest in my character and popped by to look at how I was doing a couple of times. She even mentioned she looked like M, the Singaporean mum whom by now was on pretty good terms with her. The thought of Jen's suggestion made me laugh. Nothing about the comparison that she made but the imagination of M slashing angry centaurs and turning into a dark evil shroud to create havoc. Ha. If only I could make my character kill spiders with a spray can.

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