Nothing went really wrong yesterday, but nothing quite went right too. It was one of those days where every detail at work went wrong but was found out on time, every traffic light stopped me on red and I ended on the lagging lane each time. The kind of day I felt relieved to reach home safe and sound.

Something peculiar happened that evening. I fell asleep while playing with Albany on her play mat after dinner. It was possibly 1900ish when it happened. The last thing I remembered was a faint image of Albany crawling away from me towards the kitchen. Fortunately Jen took good care of her on my minding lapse. By the time I woke up, it was almost 0100 hrs the next early morning, still on the play mat with a blanket over my legs. I went back to sleep after a glass of water and loo.

Earlier that day, I actually told my mate Steph he missed out Thursday when he was counting down to the weekend. He replied, "Today is Thursday lah!" The work day was coming to an end. I checked the time on my laptop and realised it wasn't Wednesday afternoon. It was a pleasant surprise of course, as the next day would be Friday. You know the kind of feeling, as if you worked one day less. It also meant work was hectic enough for me to lose track of time. Every time I thought time passed really quick the previous week and the next one would be draggy, I was proven wrong.

Friday zipped past just like that at work. By the time I caught my breath, it was time to drive back home again. I wouldn't relish an activity filled weekend. I wouldn't mind hosting friends if any cared to come along. Otherwise, staying at home this weekend sound good to me. Come to think of it, I had no rest since I came. The return to Singapore was work, work and work almost everyday. If anything, it wore me down more than my actual work here in Perth.

The long sleep did me good. It was a message from the soul, a rest was needed.

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  1. Have a good rest! Take care! I look forward to reading your dark humour again :-)