Being Minority

This print screens were sent to me by a mate. The headlines screamed, 'White British' now a minority in London. Is Singapore walking along the path of their old colonial masters? Or perhaps we should be asking 'when' instead? People tend to over-estimated their judgement. The government and the people of Singapore probably still think everything is still under control, under their control. 

We are not too far being a minority in our own country by now. It may actualise sooner than we think. The government is in a powerless position to stop this from happening, if they are even thinking of it in the first place. They sold the idea of growth and progress to the people so much so it has been ingrained in each and every of us. Progress is no longer celebrated. The people expect it. The people demand it. 

To deliver, the government of Singapore must put business in top priority. Business owners expects not just profits but large profits. Without a real labour union backing workers, the government yields to pressure applied by business owners and investors to allow a exploitative labour market in Singapore. Foreigners come in swarms, willing members of exploitation, to exchange for a brighter future for their families in their own country. The businessmen are not contented. They want to spend less not just on labour but on management roles up the line as well. The government gave the thumbs up and the authorities acted swiftly. Foreigners are allowed to come in legions to take up PMETs roles that Singaporeans are promised in the last elections. Everyone should be given a fair go, including the foreigners. Without a minimum wage system in place, foreigners and locals go into a reverse auction for a job and the business man hires the lowest paid contender, fulfilling his profiteering desires.

Other than competition for jobs, the flood pond of foreigners cause high inflation rates, competition for services, space and consumables. Infrastructure begins to fail the country, being stress subjected to its seams. The government is caught between the rock and a hard place. If they do not deliver progress, they face the genuine threat of elimination in the next rounds of general elections and if they do, they find themselves unable to cope of the residue of progress - which is fast eroding their popularity day by day.

To answer the question posed on a separate occasion by the same mate  who sent me these screen captures whether progress is a definite need in life, if being minority in our own country is a indirect consequence of progress, which will you forgo, progress or identity?

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  1. The same scenario is happening in malaysia as well. You can see so many migrants today doing jobs shun by the locals and many places being invaded by foreigners due to more business owners turning to these cheap labours. Locals are only interested in easier jobs high pay and short working hours. If the trend continue then our next generation will suffer especially those who are caught in between. OZ has a good system that even as blue collar worker you are able to earn a good living and with strict control migration and work permits everything is in place to ensure cost are well spread across the different segments of society. Really looking forward to moving there soon.