Albany's Growth

Barely 2 weeks ago, Albany made her first crawl. By tonight, her legs were strong enough to support herself.   In order to do that, she would have to hold on to something with her little hands and she had been most glad to do so. For the past few days, she had been exploring her newly found ability, standing for long periods in her cot looking rather pleased.

Jen would sometimes refer me as 'favourite person' with a tinge of jealousy whenever she witnessed Albany melted my heart by doing something really memorable, such as crawling towards me with the distinct purpose of getting close. When she finally reached my feet, her whimpering increased in volume as she made herself stand, digging her nails into the calves. I couldn't resist picking her up and gave her the hug that she (and secretly I) yearned. By now, she could hug me back, a bit tighter each day. With that, I had been looking forward to return home the soonest possible after work.

My house wasn't baby proofed. There were potential hazards for a baby everywhere, especially an innocent one who was oblivious to dangers. Albany learnt how to crawl near my computer desk to look for her gamer dad. Her doeful eyes caused many game deaths before but that didn't matter. I just couldn't concentrate when she was holding one leg of the desk as support. Fortunately she was getting a better balance each day, but I didn't think pole dancing around my desk was a good idea. I would think of something.

She really grew in the last 30 days. She couldn't barely sit firmly then. And it took quite a lengthy period for her to figure out how to sit up from a lying down position. Suddenly it went lightning speed. Some traits could be observed by now. She had more of her mother's personality, fortunately so. It would be dire if she developed the dark humor of her dad. Albany and my laughter were mutually infectious, much to the annoyance of her mum, who was occasionally the expense of our joy. I bet Jen was amused by that chuckling pair.

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  1. > I didn't think pole dancing around my desk was a good idea

    Hahahah! :-D