Perth Price December 2012

Mr Ellis asked me to post prices of items in Perth for his reference. Not sure if he reads this anymore, for something long overdue. This was backdated so long ago. I thought it was a good idea to do this once a month or something so I could monitor how prices of commodities rise and fall over the months, through the different seasons.

This isn't a bad idea and may be a good reference point for people who want to come to Perth and ask me a question that is impossible for me to answer - "How much do I need to bring?"

That, if we notice, depends on our level of consumption. The type of cars you'll like to drive have direct impact on the amount of fuel you'll need weekly. On a larger extent, the type of house you can accept living in right down to the type of fruits you take. What makes it more tricky is that prices of commodities can vary A LOT. Grapes for eg, cost about $8/kg now and could possibly (taking last year's data) fall to $4/kg in the coming 1-2 months. That's halving. Thus it is impossible to tell any Singaporean "how much to bring." But with these prices of stuff being put up, you can do your own estimation.I used to tell Singaporean Mum to bring as much as she could. She took me a bit too literally. That wasn't a bad thing. She was looking really fine, the last time I saw her. 

I'll put in prices of other categories in the coming month. As a migrant, you will like to know property prices or rental rates. These are something you can find in any real estate websites though, so I'll do less spoon feeding for these. I'm joking actually. Since the end of the world is some time later this month, I'm making a promise I don't intend to carry out. We'll see how it goes. 

Anyway, to stop irrelevant bullshit, here are the figures for this month. (which isn't accurate because it was taken some time back. haha!) Taken from Spudshed. I'll not do a one-stop price take in future. Lazy first time ok.


  1. learn something new and useful today - "potato onion".

  2. I simply love this post as I could relate it.
    I am so happy that there are pineapples in Australia and stuff appears cheaper than in sG!
    A packet of 4 Australia carrots is s$1.50 here.. And they are really tiny.

    Keep going as your post is really encouraging yet so real.

  3. Seriously love your writing style. Preparing my documents for assessment now and if everything goes right, hope to submit for a visa soon. Perth would be my first choice (or at least it is one of the only two states that I can apply state sponsorship for...)

    Good luck with what you are building. It'll be worth it for Albany:)

    1. Good luck bro. It's a long way ahead, don't lose focus.

  4. Hmm bro

    Seem like some of the food price is cheaper than Melbourne.

    Perth winning items
    Milk - $2 per litre
    Garlic - $1.89
    Carrot -$0.99
    Rump steak- $14

    Melbourne winning items
    Chinese veg- $0.60-$0.80
    Ginger -$8.99
    Tomatoes-$2.99 but do drop to $1.99
    Onion - $1.49 kg

    Well there will always be the pro and con in every city. Keep the good job in blogging.

    For those who critise you,they are like bush flies. Sooner or later,they will realise for themselves if your move was on the right track. Perhaps they can consider reading LKY latest memoir, The Hard Truths before commenting further on "Quitters" like us. LOL

    As I go through the book, I realised I was right on track for my family Oz move.