The Bigger Loser

PAP Internet brigade has been in full throttle lately. The funniest one I've heard is that Palmer is a real man because he stood up for his mistakes whereas Yaw from the Worker's Party ran off. Palmer apparently even won some respect from the masses. I am in a state of delirium now. Is the national propaganda working too well or have PAP IB leveled up to a state they actually became quite good?

So Singaporeans, why are you tipping your hats at Palmer? Because he is more yandao or ang mo dua ki? What is this, looks discrimination or racism? If we want to measure things this way, Yaw should get your thumbs up for getting a more babelicious girl than Palmer, given these odds. Poor job Palmer, in fact. I give him a 4.5/10 for his pathetic attempt.

Who has more to lose if both of them choose to run away? Yeah, Palmer lost his MP role but he has a decent career to fall back on. A lawyer's licence is worth the salt in Singapore, so why go? With all the new respect he has gained lately, he can even write a guide book on adult CCAs and profit from it. There are so much reasons for Palmer to stay. We may be forgiving towards Palmer, even sympathetic, for deep down we knew his party leader made him go through these rites in order for you to say, "Well done Palmer, you're the man. I respect you. PAP members are not afraid to stand up and admit their mistakes." Magnanimous we Singaporeans are, naive we are not.

Two wrongs doesn't make one right. I despise the PAP for taking the opportunity to force the idea how good the party is by taking cheap pot shots at the oppositions. The way they handle someone who has no value to the party anymore is ruthless. I wonder if you will pause to think what a common citizen meant to them. You've seen how they made Mah Bow Tan the scapegoat of GE 2011, distracted the masses and got away with it. You've seen how Ah Heng needed to cry on national television on his way out to boost their campaign. Now, you are seeing how Palmer is slaughtered so that you can forget the MRT strike and how the government said Tuck Yew to Singaporeans.

What has changed? What will change?


  1. Very nicely deciphered
    well said.

    "What has changed? What will change?",unquote.
    Even the Questions are interesting.


    1. Actually during Reuben wong's interview, he mentioned this episode demonstrates how 'ruthless' the PAP is, of course after praising their efficiency. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  2. There is always something happening every week or so...
    Like a smoke screen to cover up things for every incidents caused.

    1. Exactly... this takes the heat off Lui Tuck Yew and his "raise transport fares to increase bus driver pay" rubbish.