Australia's Ideal Skilled Migrant

To get a Permanent Resident visa of Australia, the most common route for migrants is the Skilled Migration route. All applicants who choose this route must pass the "Points Test" to qualify. Thus the points test is a good indicator to model Australia's ideal skilled migrant.


Australia loves them young but they are no pedophiles like the Singapore government, who have no qualms offering scholarships leading to citizenship to kids picked randomly from some PRC or India villages. There are only points awarded from 18 - 44 years old. The ideal migrant should be of 25-32 years old, as the immi department is offering 30 points just for being at the right age. That is about 50% of the minimum required points (60). If you are 25-32 years old, literally half the battle is won.

English Language Ability

What I find most puzzling is Australia's obsession with the English abilities of their migrants. Look, I understand that they really, really don't want a situation where locals and migrants cannot even hurl abuses at one another in the same language. That will be bad for integration. The puzzling part is, they are awarding 20 points for "Superior English" I'll explain why later. Anyway, if you are young (see above) and has the super Superior English ability, you have 50 points! That's just 10 points short of qualification. Whoever said migrating to Australia is difficult? It often ends up difficult because you wanted to Stand Up for Singapore when you were in your 20s, that's why. When you are in your 40s and realised how fucked you are, you're fucked. That's when you come across Hard Truth II - The Truths that Matter.

Skilled Employment

So you are young and do good English and you need 10 more points. Where do you get them? Australia is offering a maximum of 20 points for your relevant work experience. How relevant will depend on whether your occupation appears at the Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

Part of Northern Territory's SOL 2016
Don't be too surprised to see some occupations you never thought worthy enough to appear on the list. We are brainwashed to look down on occupations that our foreign workers in Singapore are taking up. Doesn't work the same way here. Many of these occupations are highly regarded and in demand in Australia, such as carpenters, locksmiths, welders, bricklayers etc.

Heck, if you work in Bollywood Veggies, you may even stand a chance to nominate yourself to NT as a vegetable grower. Meanwhile you simi lan sai executives all not qualified. Sai kang warriors qualified. Funny right?

In theory it is possible to gain 20 points from this category but it is very unlikely any applicant will claim 20 points. For a start if you are Outside Australia, the maximum points you can gain is 15 points for at least 8 years of relevant working experience (and less points for less number of years). Thus, the Australia immigration folks are thinking of a candidate who started working at 20 years old and applies at 28 years old with 8 years working experience in the bag, with the Queen's English no less. In Singapore context it is very unlikely (for a man at least) to fit because NS. Fucking NS.

If you are Inside Australia and have 8 years of working experience in a relevant field, you can claim the full 20 points here. The mystery is - how the heck do you get 8 years of working experience in Australia in the first place? If a candidate is on a working visa (457), (and therefore having working experience IN Australia), he will not be using Subclass 189 (this visa I am talking about) for his PR application because there are easier schemes like ENS or RSMS programs to use. I'll be surprised to find anyone claiming 20 points here.


If you hold an Australian recgonised doctorate, you can claim 20 points. 20 fucking points. The same as the chap who can do good English. Basically, Australia is telling us being good in English is worth a doctorate. If so, please call me Dr Asingaporeanson. Just kidding, I didn't even take IELTS. In fact, when I speak to the cashier at Woolies, he must be wondering how the heck I came to Australia with *poor English. 

Most of you buggers hold a bachelor degree, you'll be able to claim 15 points here. Thus this section is in conflict with some of the above sections where claiming maximum points is concerned. I.e. If you went through university, you probably don't have 8 years of working experience or you will not be young enough to claim maximum 30 points for age. Either. Or.


As you can see, migrating to Australia is not difficult at all. Why would most Singaporeans think that way? If you are 25-32 (30 points), with satki English (20 points), a Diploma  (10 points) that Australia recognises, in one of the vocations listed on the SOL [link], you may be eligible for an invitation. Just . like . that.

Read the Points System yourself [link] to believe. Disclaimer: Old farts need not apply.

* I better check if it is a criminal offence here.

There is a song I shared with Inshera (my dear primary school friend) lately.

The young ones,
Darling we're the young ones,
And young ones shouldn't be afraid.

To live, love
While the flame is strong,
For we won't be the young ones very long.

Treasure your youth, you young ones.

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