Children Taught to Reproduce

I was told this is what they put in the syllabus for Primary 5 kids in Singapore. All along I thought spamming stupid problem sums that seem to test more comprehensive skills than mathematical skills is beyond the pale, until I learn they now have to explore male and female reproductive parts in class. The purpose was clearly spelled out - to remind the audience to reproduce. 

"Why is it important for us to reproduce?" asked the nerdy kid.

Actually it is not. There are societies that have remain small or even shrinking but they are doing fine and will stand to be around in your lifetime. But put that down in your worksheet and you'll get a fat zero and mummy will be spanking your ass at home tonight. Thus kids are essentially forced to put one of the acceptable answers such as, "As the number of older people is increasing and birthrate is decreasing, population will be greatly reduced, thus it is important for us to reproduce and ensure the continuity of future generations." Since it is in the books, children will naturally accept this as a fact of life.

Full grown adults in Singapore today croak to the same tune, much less young children with under developed analytical skills. The government's obsession with population ponzi has the entire country afflicted. It isn't too hard to see why. There is money, lots of money to be made by adding more and more people through population growth for those with vested interest. We don't have to imagine hard to identify who are the ones who are well positioned to benefit from a population ponzi. However, for a population with hardly any imagination, we believe that we need more young to support the growing number of old people, an overused but effective rhetoric. Never mind what happens when the bigger base of young people become old themselves. We don't need to be a great mathematician to figure out no country can sustain the exponential nature of such a scheme, much less a country with such physical limits like Singapore.

The success of such a genjutsu is fueled by fear. The whites exploits the fear of population decline, warning the people of the possibility of facing substantial financial ruin and the depressing notion of "falling behind", knowing how well losing out is the pet hate of the Singaporean population. On the contrary, the relentless pursuit of such ideals will result in what the population ponzi advocates forewarned. At the final stage of the lifecycle, the scheme spirals downward with lower meaningful employment, stagnant wages, falling disposable income, more people succumbing into debt and more homeless. Some of these symptoms are already showing up in the swelling economic bubble in Singapore and they are desperate to extend the lifecycle of their scheme by breaking physical limits. 6.9 million? No. Let's gun for 10 million instead. The elites shall consolidate their profits and gains and be ready to jump ship when necessary. In the meantime, the common Singaporean is celebrating their impressive year on year GDP growth, never mind if that greatly decline the individuals' quality of life and the degradation of the environment.

By no means am I blind to the fact that Australia has been doing the exact same thing with high net immigration. At least they haven't been desperate enough to teach small kids the importance of reproduction. Though resources are similarly limited, there are a decent amount of land going around to accommodate growth. It will be a much longer while before their scheme affects our quality of life. I'm buying time into Singapore's past, where there were more space for everyone and a fresher breath of air.

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