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I can't believe I was forced to stop working on Savvy Steve's house for the entire July. It was annoying how it rained non stop during the weekends and went bright and sunny during the week days. So I ended up staying indoor writing silly posts during my free time. I didn't know how the usual 5 or so readers got many others to read that. Well you got your fun, now I have got work to do because the sun finally shows up today.

After accountant Judy tallied up, I found myself having only 222 pavers left. Those were donated by Stephen of the Grove. They weren't enough for all my needs so I had to decide carefully where I wanted them to go. Up till now, I did not have to spend a cent on materials since I finished the interior flooring. Once I finish these 222 pavers, it will be time to beg, borrow or steal. We'll see what happens then. For now, I have to make use of precious time while the sun shines.

Extending the steps to the Night Garden was long overdue. Today is the time pave the stretch from the last drop of steps to the fence. However it isn't an ordinary length of pavement. I have intentions to do a further step down for the entire length at my discretion, if necessary. So I decided to make the provisions for it by installing a simply footing made from loose unwanted pavers. I know Stephen will frown at the idea of not cementing those footing slabs together but I am not designing this for elephants to walk on. I'll live with my mistakes, if they ever buckle to weight due to my laziness.

If you ever want to build your own pavement at home, you may want to pick up some tips here. This is something even Marilyn cannot help you, so pay attention here. As you can see from the above picture, some trench digging experience during the BMT will go a long way. So any Singaporean son shouldn't have problems dealing with this. Yes, even the chao keng clerks. 

The string has to be pulled at the base level of the paver, which is also the top of the sand bed. The most important thing about paving is actually the sand work. Putting pavers on is actually the easier part of the work. If the sand work is done properly, paving will be a breeze.

Placing a small footing for a possible step down later
Buried them back and compact with my own weight
Screed and pave
and screed and pave

Unfortunately, light rain interfered with my work a couple of times today. It slowed me down but on the positive side, it helped me compact the sand I was working on. Free water. Couldn't complain. By the way, some of you told me to get my arse back to Singapore and some of you told me to stay out of Singapore. Make up your minds will ya? I'll survive anywhere I go. I can design and build a bin centre for just $200,000 if I go back to Singapore. Cheaper, better, faster. Don't tell me what to do or where to go. I live on my own terms. For now, I choose to stay in Perth. Cos free air con at night for 9 months sibei song.

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