#Lexit or #Lemain?

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As the story goes, Mr Lex's EOI was launched by his organised wife in timely fashion on 18/06/2016. So I just received this a moment ago.....

Poor resolution, I know. Provider was Shitel, long time no see the shit on a phone. Anyway, you are not required to read the details. I didn't attempt to either.

I was interested in the timeline.

  • Mr Lex bunked in with me in late Feb this year.

  • Mumble mumble with wife in March

  • Submitted skills assessment in April or so. 

  • Taken IELTS in May, passed his second in June, submitted EOI on 18/6/2016

  • The invitation came on 6//7/2016, informing them they have 60 days to lodge an application or buzz off.

This reminded me of my intensive driving lessons which got me my driver's license in just 1 month, 10 days. Why the hell do people rush things like that? I have no idea. It's a Singaporean thing I guess. We took our own sweet time with our PR applications though. It took us almost 3 years to get both our Australia PRs. (half hearted attempts) Mr Lex is in a position to do it in a third of the time.

Up to now they probably spent around S$1,000 for skills assessment and (2x) IELTS but it is bigger financial decision time. Should Mr Lex choose to lodge this application for his whole family, it will cost him thousands of dollars. I believe tonight will be voting time for the family.

Will it be #Lexit or #Lemain? Will Mr Lex take the leap or make his sons stand up for Singapore? It's up to anyone's guess. I am wondering too.

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