The Lady who Took a Cake to a Job Interview

"Make a cake and take it along to your job interview," I told her.

"Huh! What?! Why?" Judy exclaimed.

"If the cake is nice, you get the job. If it isn't, you get tips how to improve it. If they don't find you suitable for the job, you make some friends. You can't lose," I told her.

"Hmm, you've got a point there, I shall do that," she said.

She did exactly that, thought I wasn't sure if she was convinced by my baseless rhetoric or simply too new here to know what to expect and chose to be led by the blind (me). Regardless, the cake was placed in one of our dinning plates and wrapped unglamourously in a grey Woolies plastic bag.

Judy, being a scatterbrain, prompted me watch the time for her on the private. Fortunately, she emerged from her room on time and declared she was ready for show time. We bid Judy goodbye and wished her good luck.

No news from her 4 hours later. Hopefully she wasn't taking it too badly, about to jump off the cliff at Lesmurdie Falls. Perhaps she had already started work, with flour and a smile on her face. Anything was possible, I reckoned. Before long, I received a message from her.

When she finally returned to join us for dinner, she told me she ended up talking to friends of her potential employer. That didn't really surprise me. Though I didn't know Judy that well, it was apparent she was that kind of person who would get along well with strangers. (like how we are comfortable with her so far) She was putting her Singapore auntie skills into good use.

So did she get the job?

"Look at the empty plate," Judy pointed. "That gotta be good news," she beamed.

I congratulated her and asked if she found out how much she would be paid per hour. She told me she didn't ask. Ha. That is the way. Work first, talk later. Her boss would eventually warm up to her and find her a valued employee. That, I am certain of. Judy has the right mindset, working attitude and personality. Her employer will like her and treat her well.

It is a tiny step for Judy. Her PR dream is still beyond her reach at the moment. Even a working visa may be a challenge. At least for now, she will be able to cope with her living expenses here, gain some working experience in the field she chose for her mid-career change. I told her it is never a bad thing. Perhaps she will find working in a bakery so tough that she will give up the entire idea altogether and return to Singapore. At least she will be able to live a happy live with no regrets then, knowing that she left no stone unturned in the pursuit of her dreams. So she can settle for the next best thing - Standing up for Singapore - with peace in her heart.

In a tiny corner of my subconsciousness, a glimpse of belief was manifested. Judy does not have to believe. I will do it for her.

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  1. thanks for sharing. Very inspiring. I hope things work out well for Judy.