I heard today is the coldest day in Perth in 4 years. 0.7 degrees Celsius or something. Honestly, I don't feel there is much of a difference today as compared to the past few days or the coldest days in memory for the past few Winters. The rather thick layer of ice formed over the body and glass of my car suggest otherwise. You'll see many folks posting pictures of their frosted cars today but not me. I can take no picture at 5am in the morning.

For someone who starts driving at 5am, a time when most people are still snuggled in bed, today is in fact not the first day I have to deal with a rough crusty layer of ice on my windscreen when I need to start heading to work. There was one just a few days ago. One which I negotiated like a boss after a few squeeze of water onto my windscreen before the wiper took off the chunk of it in a few strokes. No water appears today though. Either my water tank is empty or ... frozen as well. I end up 5 minutes late for work just to clear that shit.

Believe me, it isn't easy to get out of bed during Winter. However, the perks of starting work remains.

"Wah, you come home so early ah, so good!" Ho Kiat remarked a few days ago.

Tucky said that. Judy said that. And many others. Actually, I also work 8 hours a day like a normal salaried worker. The only difference is I start work earlier. Yes, I do agree with them. Being able to carry my fat baby around the house at 3.30pm is cool. But ask yourselves this, are you willing to start work at 6am for that? Of course! 

Of course, you will say of course. 

But I am not sure if I can trust people who KPKB about the government for 50 years and give them a 70% vote of confidence in the last GE. The weirdest thing about this is, for every 10 people I've asked, 10 told me they didn't vote for the white fuckers! If you are in Perth today, I can see the possibilities but how do we get frozen balls in the Singapore heat?

Yes, it's nice to start early. If I were to experience that fucking shit on the AYE again, in Perth one day, I swear I'll leave this place. I am totally serious about it. I know things are beginning to look crowded during peak hours here but we are a few decades behind Singapore to attain hellhole level. Being able to commute early to work allows me to live in delusion for a while more. Long may it continues. If only time can be frozen like the drops of my windscreen.

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