Judy's Car and the Luck She Needs from the Universe

I sat down with Judy last night to discuss about her plan. Though her plan was done in a moment of heat, it sounded to me she needed a lot of luck to achieve her goals. None of the obvious routes seemed to work for her. Her age was detrimental for the skilled migration route. Her occupation was competitive and points tend to moderate against her favour. Even the course she will be taking is an vocation that was omitted from the SOL only this year. On top of that, her eldest child is taking her PSLE this year.

Yet she is here.

She want it a lot. It is obvious. Perhaps as much as the refugees who came by boat. She told me if she didn't give it a try at least, she would regret it in future. With all the doom and gloom of an impending failure with no sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, she remains cheerful. Maybe it is too early to tell whether she will be her stressed out. For now, she doesn't seem to be the kind who will kick up a fuss if she don't get what she wants.

Difficult as it is on its own, getting a working visa will not even lead Judy to her PR in future if the current settings do not turn her way. At the moment, we agreed that getting one is probably the only thing we can do. Then we can only wait and see after that. It may not be a bad thing. To put all energies in one single goal will increase the chance to achieve it. If we do, we'll brainstorm and see what else can be done. An inch at a time. The question is, how much patience can Judy's family afford?

Meanwhile, Judy is starting school this week. It was good work on Judy and Ho Kiat's part that they managed to buy their car, just the evening before their rental car lease was up. So there was no need for the unnecessary costs to extend it and Judy has half a week to get used to her car. I wanted to use a picture of them smiling widely with their car but I won't do that unless they give me the permission to. (tell me if ok, I'll use it for another post)
Hey dude

It is interesting to note that my guest chose to stay with us (near strangers) rather than bunking with their (many) friends in Perth. Now they bought a car of the same manufacturer and make of similar year and mileage. Our rego share common alphabets and numbers. Even the colour of our cars are the same. My guests must like me a lot. If only that is true, it will not start sounding mystical.

That car she ended up buying was one of the several cars that she viewed but the other deal just didn't work out. The ex-owner of this car was not even in Australia and have left the car to a business partner to sell it on her behalf. During a chat they found out that the Malaysian owner was in food business and because she had return home, her partner might be looking for help. Judy did ask him in cheek if he was interested to be her sponsor employer. He actually said, "We could talk about it." Was he patronizing or could that lead to something interesting? We'll wait and see.

During the same conversation, Judy revealed one of the car owner she met during car hunting told her to look for his friend, who own a well known migration agency in Singapore. 

"Huh?!" I said and asked Judy to repeat what she said. She did.

What a small world. Judy had met the same guy that I did when I was looking for a car to replace the konky Terios I was driving earlier. I even blogged about that experience before [link] During my own meeting up with that Singaporean seller, he was selling his Kia Carnival. He asked me if I wanted to consider his wife's Honda Jazz. I decline politely. Who the fuck wants to drive this girly car? Well..... things turn out quite different sometimes in life don't they? If you told me back then one day I will be driving a Jazz and my tenant (I wouldn't even consider having one then) will be checking out the Jazz of this seller, I will be genuinely amazed. Perth is small, but not that small. Such coincidences are spooky. It ended up with neither of us buying a car from the Singaporean chap.

I still hope that the bakery owner lead I passed to Judy will still work out. Never mind about the PR or even a working visa, a casual job will be the first giant step forward towards her goal. The money will be useful, the exposure she will gain may open up new doors. Things work in mysterious ways. The coincidences Judy experienced for just buying her car amused me. Perhaps the forces of the universe are moving to her strong will. I've seen many examples of things falling in place for Singaporeans after going through their own dark, uncertain days. Will Judy be the next to call Australia her home? If you can provide her a helping hand or give her useful advice, please email me at asingaporeanson@gmail.com

I thank you on her behalf.

Judy's background

- Almost 20 years in commercial accounting in Singapore, can take up any entry level to senior accounting roles with a company that is able to apply for a 457 visa for her (difficult to find, I know)

- Training to be a baker in Perth for a year at the moment, willing to take up positions in related industries, such as cafe management etc.

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