As It Is - Still Is

I remembered someone, after reading my blog, cynically cited how rosy I painted migration and life in Australia. On the other side of the balance, another commenter questioned why I chose to migrate to suffer where I have ability to land a cushy job in Singapore.

Same blog. Different readers, different views. It's probably a good thing the blog invoke feelings unique to every reader.

Whatever you think of the blog, the key thing is I wrote my experiences about life here and my feelings about it as it is. My old friends will know, I don't sensationalise events that happen to me. In fact, my friends got rather pissed off with my casual attitude during the accident where I burnt my thigh. In instances like this, I ponder if I should keep quiet over negative occurrences in the future. After all, other than my close friends, my sister also reads my blog. I don't want to cause them any unnecessary worries.

I choose to continue writing. As it is, because that is the only way to go. This is not a fantasy story or a 154th ranked media. It is a record of my pieces of life with my opinions. There is no point downplaying or overstating anything.

A few days ago, I had my second eye surgery. The injury was not as bad as the first one. The metal splinter felt like it was stuck in my eye instead of pierced into it like the first time. My eye wasn't red and I could sleep properly but it did irritate and hurt whenever I was under strong sun. I finally got it removed at Armadale Hospital over the Easter Weekend. Everyone was surprised to see my pirate eye patch on Saturday, over at Alvin's. 

I explained how I thought it happened and was surprised everyone seemed to believe that eye injuries would not happen as long as you have eye protection on. Well you could get a head injury wearing a helmet. The same of condom and pregnancy or aids. Misconceptions. Protection gear offers protections, not immunity.

I hope people who care for me don't mix occupation and migration. I didn't migrate to be a tradie or I didn't become a tradie because I needed to sustain my migration. It was just a choice I made. All occupations have their hazards. My eyesight deteriorated drastically when I was an IT helpdesk, my chronic neck problem worsen as an office bound policy manager and I endured cuts and knocks as a construction engineer. 

It was part and parcel of work. Firemen get burns, teachers get depression, stock traders jump off buildings, cooks get scald, office workers get ergonomic injuries which are under-rated and regarded as trivial. Whatever occupation, you could come unscathed in your entire career if you are lucky. If not, you'll suffer some consequences. Of course there are some jobs which do not come with much risks. I don't want to rack my weary brain to come out with examples. In reality, we cannot choose to be whatever we want, especially at this age with other constraints such as being sole breadwinner and a new parent. If we can choose freely, everyone wants to be work as a bed tester.


  1. SydneyLibrarian12 April 2012 at 07:22

    Bed-tester can also be risky in the sense that if the planks underneath break, he/she could sustain a back/neck/leg/whatever injury :p

    Librarians, too, are prone to ergonomic injuries - like back pain from constant lifting and moving heavy boxes of books (esp. those in public libraries)

    Hope you feel better soon. Take care :)

  2. I'm not exactly sure where these yokos draw their conclusions from, but for my family it's been a bed of roses; grass has been both figuratively and literally greener; we're enjoying the land of milk and honey literally; progress has been exponential.

    They never tried. They never knew what it took. All they posess and embrace is the unknown (fear).

    Onward, dude. Whatever it takes for your goals overseas.

    1. I totally and absolutely concur with you. My wife and I have arrived in Sydney less than 6 months ago, and mate, I wouldn't want to go back to Sinkapore. Trust me.

  3. When I saw the thigh injury, it was like "not again"..then now that I know of yr 2nd eye surgery, it doesn't hit me as hard as before, I'm just relieved whatever it is that hurt you didn't cause more damage. I can tell the weight you've shed, but I think you look better without it :)Maybe when mom goes over to stay, you've to think about keeping the potential injuries at bay..your heart popping incidents with yr tools.

  4. talk about chronic neck problem... i've had it for the last 10 years .... hahah
    take care

  5. I think I might be one of the one you were referring to in your first sentence. But thats not the point in this post of yours. Most of us agree to disagree, and I think there are goods and bads of migration (if we use 6 hats to think through it, I sure most will agree), though at the end of it all, I, and I believe most others who have chosen to make the move, am better off in Australia. And I agree with you that its good that your blog invokes different views from diverse readers.

    Anyway, no more negativity from me - the point of my reply here is to applaud you for your blog. For your down-to-earth frankness, your selfishness in putting in time to share your experience with new migrants and migrants to-be, your perseverance and foresight to plan for your daughter and family, and it doesnt end there.

    I admire you for your determination and bravery in what you have done, especially with the coming of your daughter when you first moved to Perth. I for one, might not have taken the leap.
    I'm sure what you are doing is very very important and may very well be life changing for some people. It is also a very good platform for people across the different states to connect.

    To keep it short, take care in your job, and thank you for writing! I enjoy reading it and though I may not personally agree with your casual or political views all the time, I never easily agree with most people anyway. All the best and I hope you write for many years to come!

    Cheers and looking forward to meet you if you ever visit the East!

  6. Ang Mo Kio Ah Lian9 May 2012 at 17:51

    Nix, I'm Ah Lian from Ang Moh Kio. Am a new reader here. Would just like to suggest Epsom salt baths (if you have a bathtub) for your aches and pains. It does wonders. Hop this helps.

  7. thank you ang mo kio ah lian.
    i was thinking it would be nice if someone gives me a massage though but i will try what you suggested