Dr Lam Pin Min's World Class Idea

Sorry I can't resist. I have been told not to write anything about Singapore anymore. It's difficult to, when you have jokers in the Parliament. On top of that, a prostitute press which obviously is trying to pump up propaganda to full volume.

What irks me this time? Read this piece of *beep*:

In another move to put Singaporeans first, health care subsidies for Permanent Residents will be revised from October this year.

With the adjustment, the subsidy for PRs in most income bands will be half that given to citizens.

The adjustments will apply to inpatient services (Class B2 and C wards), day surgery and specialist outpatient clinics in restructured hospitals, as well as intermediate and long-term care services.

The adjustments will be made in two phases. In the first phase which kicks in from October, C Class ward subsidies for PRs earning S$3,201 to S$3,350 will be cut to 49 per cent from the current 59 per cent.

This will be further reduced to 39.5 per cent in April next year.

This will bring it to about half of the 79 per cent subsidy that a Singaporean admitted into a C class ward gets.

Associate Professor Fatimah Lateef, deputy chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health, said: "The differentiation between Singaporeans, between citizens and foreigners, PRs and other foreigners is something that we cannot run away from, whether it is in healthcare or education and so on. Now that the difference is quite marked and more stark, I think Singaporeans will be quite happy to know that their rights are taken care of, their needs are top notch."

But the GPC chair for Health, Dr Lam Pin Min feels some PRs may need help to adjust to the changes. Dr Lam hopes the Ministry can set up a special fund to help PRs who cannot afford their medical bills and have no where to turn to for support.

The Health Ministry said it is mindful of the impact the subsidy adjustments will have on lower income PRs. For example, PRs who earn S$3,200 and below will see only a 5 per cent reduction in their subsidy for C Class wards in public hospitals - from 60 per cent to 55 per cent - starting from October this year.

For the intermediate and long-term care sector, the subsidy adjustments will be implemented in the third quarter of this year.

(Revision of healthcare subsidies for Permanent Residents - Channel NewsAsia)


Basically Associate Professor Fatimah Leteef stabs a Permanent Resident, blood gushes out and she turns to you and say, "Hey see, you are okay. You should feel very good now eh?"

Medical cost still remains high and a good number of Singaporeans are still within a costly surgery or medical condition from bankruptcy. Many of them are still unaware about this. My buddy in Singapore is expecting his child this few days.

He told me he was praying that his wife can pull off a natural birth without epidural. Out of curiosity I asked him why not just go for epidural if his wife can't take the pain? He replied, "Bro, that is S$700 more leh." It was then I realised things aren't quite same as my situation where my baby is delivered in Perth. I didn't think much about it then. I think it is big deal now. When you are under medical distress, it is a terrible experience to worry about money.

Will cutting the PR's arm off help Singaporeans? Where will the extra money paid by the PR go to? These are the questions that no one wants to answer.


Dr Lam Pin Min is a world class douchebag. What the hell is he thinking when he suggested that? Is he fighting for Singaporeans who voted him into parliament or the Permanent Residents of Singapore? I wonder how he thinks of Singaporeans who cannot afford medical costs and have no one to turn to.

Let's put this aside for a moment and not argue whether PRs need help or not. If we are reducing their subsidies and setting up a fund for the lower income PRs at the same time, isn't it counter-productive? This is another classic example how the government likes to complicate things, add work load to the civil service as well as unnecessary cost for the taxpayers. To set up a fund you need people to administer it, to draft and tweak policies and then implement it. All you need to do is to reduce or exempt the subsidy cut for the lower income PRs in the first policy change, it'll work.

Good job voting Dr Lam Pin Min into parliament.


  1. i think by doing this they are also trying to indirectly convince more PRs to convert to citizens?

  2. Before Fatimah claims Singaporeans' needs are "top notch" she should reflect that SG currently only spends 1.6% of total GDP on healthcare..4% lower than the 'average' worldwide. And how much did we spend on our Defense - bloody 25%!!!! We would keep up with the shiny hardware of fighter jets but sting on Singaproeans' software - our healthcare!! No wonder nobody wants to fight for NS anymore..She must have been influenced by TPL her colleague.

  3. Dr Lam clients' must be majority PRs lah...

    Why are giving financial subsidies or support to PRs who cannot afford to become citizens or don't want to become citizens? Isn't this what the PAP would call safety nets for foreigners but none for singaporeans? Why not the PR go back to his/her country since he likes it so much not to give up his citizenship.?!!

  4. Dr. Lam fits the classic character profile below -

    Stupid, Lazy and Ambitious

    Stupid = He doesn't care how much additional work load is added to the civil service..and instead of saving the costs from the PR subsidies...only move the savings from right pocket to level..in addition, as time goes by this new idea costing will increase...and cannot be seen or managed effectively...must be a relative or crony there he wants to "help" is it..always at the expense of others...yoy doctor asshole, if u want to help please kindly use your own money (which by the fucking way u are already collecting monthly from the people of singapore...you goddamn parasite..).

    Lazy = He could not come up with a better wiser plan (please refer to the above)...

    Ambitious = Trying to move ahead as usual at the expense of others...how greedy can one get...u can take that money with u when you die is it Mr. Dr.

    Seeing Singapore parliament filled with these bunch of self serving department store yes man/yes woman (LKY's wet dream of having ONLY these in parliament) is really sad.

    Haizzz...we take it one day at a time for now..until they bleed us too much until some cannot take it...the bleeding will be mirror back to them...how stupid these leetarded morons only paper certified intelligent are...where is the wisdom...where are your wisdom u pap ministers/Mps...trying to show the whole world is it how much a low-life u can be is it...


  5. ============================================
    Before Fatimah claims Singaporeans' needs are "top notch" she should reflect that SG currently only spends 1.6% of total GDP on healthcare..4% lower than the 'average' worldwide. And how much did we spend on our Defense - bloody 25%!!!! We would keep up with the shiny hardware of fighter jets but sting on Singaproeans' software - our healthcare!! No wonder nobody wants to fight for NS anymore..She must have been influenced by TPL her colleague.

    The so-called defence spending is to feed the fat salaries/bonuses of their so-called elite high-flying red-carpet scholar generals (whom some will be future pappy ministers), and also generate businesses for their own GLCs, for example, food supplied by SFI (Sg Food Industries), maintenance/upgrading jobs by ST, clothings & logistic store by ST Logistics, etc.

    1. Correct! Just cut a few points off medical subsidies for PRs to appease all the Sinkies! Throwing crumbs at Sinkies. You see how idiotic they are! They shld be increasing more subsidies esp Watd C - the lowest for lower income citizens. Those morons trying to wayang wrongly! They will nvr learn. Got to remove them by next GE then they know they owe to the citizens or FTs their right to rule.

  6. Someone said in Australia, PRs enjoy the same benefits as citizens as they have no differentiation.
    But come on, Australia is huge land/country with plenty of resources.
    By and large, your govt are so generous in healthcare so most people feel rich and willing to share. Unlike SG, when there are such a large income gap and uneven distributions, people are barely coping with the runaway inflation rate that are mostly domestically driven..why do you expect singaporeans to feel rich and openly share. We were always told we place premium on jobs and opportunity. So for PRs who earn $3200 salary, i would say he/she should be able to pay for his own healthcare (without subsidy even!) when there are family of 2 who lives on $1000 a month in a room HDB flat who can barely survive, pay housing loan, let alone fall ill!

    1. The big diff between Aust and S'pore is S'porean males are being forced to serve NS and reservist.
      In Aust, PRs pay same tax as citizens, shouldn't PRs enjoy same social benefits as citizens? Nothing to do with huge land mass or plenty resources...