"Master, I'm back."

"Chocolate, you can talk? Am I dead?"

"No master, I am dead. We are in your dream."

"Why did you leave without waiting for my return?"

"I didn't leave. I want to visit you. If you tried bringing me over and I die during quarantine you will never forgive yourself. I will not allow that, I'm your best pal."

"Chocolate, I miss you so much."

"When you return, take my ashes and scatter it in the sea. So I will be able to join you wherever you go."

"Yes I will do that with the family. For all 3 dogs of our family. We will free all of you. Please be happy, we will always remember you in our hearts with fond memories. Dad cried when he saw your carcass, Mum said she didn't see him cry before."

"You have been kind to me, we had incredible adventures Master."

"I'm not your Master anymore. Go to heaven now, where your brave and pure heart belongs."

"So long, when it is your turn to leave, I'll leave and join you in hell."

"Great buddy."


  1. sobs~ :'(

    this post reminds me of all my pets... >.<

  2. R.I.P Chocolate!


  3. Chocolate is one with the Force now. R.I.P.

  4. this reminds of my doberman :(

  5. Yes, cry for those of us just as sad, but who are unable to.

    Good dogs, Chocolate and gang, really best friends to us humans!
    (I wonder if I'll ever get to see Ah Boy, whom I've never met, but my wife and in-laws certainly would!)

    I only had aquarium fish for pets (there was one angelfish which grew from thumb size to palm size over the months, then flipped over on the surface one day…).

    But we have lost those close to us, so we join you still in the sharing and outpouring.

  6. :") I missing my pooch too