Penny Clinched Her Job

Penny is good. She came to Perth in early March. Given the usual 1-2 weeks to settle down and get things to routine, she landed herself a job in just 1 month of job search. I received news from Jen yesterday and will like to extend my congrats to Penny.

Well done Penny. I guess that is the difference between aggressive job hunt and weak (non-existent) attempts like mine. I'm proud of Penny because she proved her stereotyping uncle and Eugene, who are chronic naysayers about the job market, wrong. I'll repeat what I say over the chat at Denise's last weekend. That was what I told Penny when she was in Singapore, when she was reluctant to come over because of her uncle's warnings. 

There is never a 'good time'. It doesn't exist. There are thousand and one reasons the financial market falls. A shocking 'Black Monday' in 1987 required years for the world to recover. Before the cracks were mildly patched,  in came the mini Friday the 13th crash in 1989. Rebuilding took place but that didn't last before Black Wednesday came in 1992. Then the infamous Asian Financial Crisis came in 1997 that caught the world pants down. The Argentine Economic Crisis in 1999 created some quakes. When we thought we could finally have a breather, SARS took the world by the storm in 2003. Before long, the market saw another big crash during the end of 2007. When you thought you have seen it all, the sub prime crisis in the US humbled you just a year later at the end of 2008. Then Euro Crisis kept everyone on their toes. 

Everyone is saying the same thing. Bad times are here, we are watching the Europe closely. The world market will crash if Europe gives way. We should not buy houses, we should not change jobs. If reality, 'good times' do not exist.

If you are a stock trader, you will know that even within a general decline of a trend, there are multiple ups and downs happening within in shorter periods. This happens because any market tries to achieve an equilibrium that will never happen due to opposing forces on both sides. A trader fears not of a down trend but a flat inactive trend. In a flat market, movements are minimal, a trader could not capitalise easily in such an environment because there are very little trades.

A job market works the same way. For any general down trend there are movements. With movements, it is possible to get jobs. For a migrant in a new country, our concern is not getting the best job in the world. We just need a job, any job to get our lives going. The hunt for the better job happens during 'better times'. Going along with this attitude, there is no issue getting a job, bad times or not.

Do not forget the self fulfilling prophecy. If you believe that times are bad and there is no way you can get a job, you will magetise what you manifest. Your body language betray and your energy level will be low. Penny's case is a perfect illustration of what a difference a change of mentality can make.


  1. I am truly encouraged by reading this entry. Thanks!

  2. the dotcom bubble burst b4 SARS

  3. Thanks for this blog for me.... I'm happy for myself for getting the casual job. I do believe when you think positively and working towards what you want,sooner or later you will grab something. Dont be too sad when the coming one is not as expected. It is just a beginning and you never know because of this opportunity you will be moving towards for a better option.

    Agressively looking for job is really a big deal issue for me. I'm leaving with my uncle so .. I cant be always hanging around like nothing to do. So... sending out resume has become my full time cum entertainment other then facebook-ing... If you dont have connection or relations, what you can do is create it yourself. Dump yourself with various gathering and just join whatever social event that you have been invited. You will never know what opportunity you will get. Dont restrict yourself with just a small social circle, you will never know ppl from other circle can provide you a better opportunity.

  4. Blogger bro, your job hunting attempts are not weak, they do not exist! LOL

    It is natural to feel a little lacking in confidence coming to a completely new place like this.

    But we should be able to run with them with time as long as you try and have some self belief.

    I think Penny has done the right thing. Taking on a casual job first and then look for something more in line with her professional training later.

    All the best to Penny. and all the best to blogger bro when he eventually start looking for another job.

    1. Thanks Pat. I'm still actively looking for a perm job that I like and still attending interview. Practice makes perfect....

  5. I had never believe in waiting for things to happen. Like Penny said get involve in anything everything. I found my first causal job here thru a stranger's house warming BBQ. And it pays quite well too.

    After the initial stage, the rest will depends on attitude. Good work attitude will land us in better position. Even when leaving the company for a permanent job, they still welcome me to go back anytime if Im out of job. Dont burn the bridge its the one of the principal for survival. I got a good reference letter from them when I applied for my work visa later.

    And like Pat said..... ur not weak bro, just humble. Thats your character I reckon. Still better than aggressive right..??