Updates From the Singaporean Son In New Zealand

Continued from tales of MJ and J
** Reproduced with permission, word for word. Thank you J.

Hi Nix,

Yup, I did exactly the same thing as MJ. I took almost all my savings from my 2 years of work after graduation to come NZ. Although I differ from u & MJ, as I hire the services of a immigration agent to help me through the paperwork and process last August. Been planning for a move since then though now that I seen your journey, I would say your path would be the better one, as I can take on any job compared to now where I need to get a job in their skilled migrant category.

In fact, I was very surprised to read abt MJ situation on your blog just before I fly off as it's quite similar to mine. Help me wish him all the best.

My exact situation now is that I'm in NZ on a 6 months working holiday visa, during this time, i need to find a job to qualify me for their work visa under their skilled migrant category. The working holiday visa is meant for employer to give me a contract job first while the application for the work visa is processed, so that meant that I can in fact start work right away instead of waiting. If by 6 months, I still cannot find a job to qualify for their skilled migrant visa, I would have to return to Singapore and plan again, maybe searching for a different path.

As for what's happening to Singapore and the young, I have my personal view on it and it could be quite extreme for most people. Personally, I think it's too late for Singapore liao. We lost the chance to get back our country from the PAP in last year election. Our country is going down the path of no return and she will be lost in maybe 50 years, either collapse internally, or taken over from the inside by China or India. Quite extreme I must say.

As for the young, I think after they go through the education system (seeing the foreign scholarship crap) or out working (seeing the FT matter), they would lose their sense of belonging. In fact, I know of a lot of my friends planning to retire in other places, not in Singapore. They see Singapore as the place to earn money only. Some even want to migrate but because of family, friends, other issues stopping them, they didn't go about to take that big step.

I'm ok with u publishing my leap of faith for I hope it may aspire more ppl to share their experiences though I like to keep my name private for now. Just use J to describe me can liao.

Yeah, let's keep in contact and share our experiences. In fact, I think I have a lot to learn from u and others who came before us. For me, I just finding my way around Auckland after arriving here on the 15th March. Tomorrow I'll be starting my job search, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I have started a blog too but it's still work in process and definitely not the same level as yours. It's more of a straight reporting of my day only. hahaha... Below is the link to my blog but please keep it to yourself for now. I want to put more posts n change my writing style before I go public.

I'm hampered by the fact that I need to watch my data usage over in New Zealand, so will take sometime for the blog to take shape. hahaha..




Hi J,

I've read your blog and found it more exciting than reading my own.
NZ is indeed a beautiful place, admittedly nicer than Perth.
I'll be looking forward to introduce your blog to whoever who reads mine when you are ready.
Before that I'll probably share your story the way you prefer, with your name as J only.
I'm just wonder why do you have these 'extreme' views about the future of Singapore and how do peers around your age view your sentiments?


Hi Nix,

Thank you for your kind and wonderful view for my blog. With our different situations, I’m much more mobile since I’m alone here and I have my savings to fall back on though I’m trying to stretch it the best I can so I can stay the full 6 months of my visa and hopefully be successful in getting a permanent job for that elusive work visa.

Hmmm, I think both places have their good points. Western Australia have their own pluses though maybe you need to travel further to reach them given how big Australia is. I had fun when I was there on a 2 weeks backpacking trip during my university days.

Personally, I feel that it’s just a simple reporting of my day which anybody can do. What I hoping to do with my blog is to emulate yours, by presenting my views out, in addition to reporting of my travels, yet I still find it hard to put my own thoughts down as years under the education system had hinder my independent thoughts but I’m going to give my best.

Right now, for my blog to be ready, I need to solve 2 matters. The first I already solved, which you may have noticed, the photos on my blog. It is kinda irritating to see my photos cropped out by wordpress. Managed to find out it’s a dimension issue, so just need to resize them and I’m currently in the process of doing it for my earlier posts.

The next matter would be what I mentioned earlier, putting my thoughts down into words. I would like to be able to explain to others why I’m doing these, why I choose New Zealand and of course, my take on Singapore current affairs. Hopefully, by the end of this month, I should be able to put up some posts on these and be ready.

Hmmmm.. How did I come about my “extreme views”? It’s kinda like an enlightenment though it’s gradual at the start before it snap for me I guess. A look into my life story may give a hint. I’m just a normal guy, happy schooling and such during primary school days. In fact, I’m able to perform under the education system of ours though it changed during secondary school when I’m unable to sustain the passion for learning. I feel forced to learn stuff and exams become a pain but still I went through the system and still managed to performed well enough to get along the good path most parents would like their children to go through but I’m not good enough for the scholar path though. Hahaha… My views of the education system took another dip during my JC days. First will be the change in university admission: My batch was the first and only batch that they introduce SAT and make it compulsory and I remember clearly, MOE saying that SAT is different from the A levels and it will help the education system be more varied, something along this line. I say it’s bullshit because it became just another exams papers and the JC started to conduct classes on how to do well in the SAT. Anyway, in the end, the next batch, SAT was made non-compulsory though it will still be considered given the batch before me was in JC1 when we took ours A level. But I must admit, SAT could have help me get into university given my A level results was not that good.

Second thing would be how some of my classmates prepared for the A levels, esp the girls in my class. The focus of their studies was on the core subjects, maths chemistry and physics. GP and chinese weren’t that impt since the points they constitute in university admission is low. It end up with them scoring good grades for the core subjects while barely pass GP. I have to admit, they played the system well but I don’t agree with this kind of studying.

So anyway, with that, I went into army. In fact, at that time, I still feel that Singapore was great, maybe my grouse against the education system is just a minor issue. Afterall, it was 2003 then, Singapore were not this crowded with the FTs yet, things were still running smoothly. In fact, I was very gungho about doing my part in NS, even wanting to sign on. Luckily, my parents advise me to finish my degree first before deciding. Great advice from them because I see the truth about our system (I go more into detailed later). I trained hard n push my men hard in army, looking down on those who tried to slack their way through the 2+ years. (My batch was the batch when they announce it will cut short the 2.5yrs to 2 yrs NS). Back then, I’m young and my eyes were not opened yet.

So upon entering university, I started to take more notice of current affairs as I’m of voting age soon. I came upon the blog by Lucky (singaporemind.blogspot.com), not sure if u heard of him but his posts on Singapore current affairs were top notch and superb, you should check it out.. Initially, when I found his blog, his writing style was towards satire (like mr brown) but it does set me thinking. His style had changed in the past years, becoming more vocal and straightforward of the failings of the govt. I found yawning bread, temasek review, online citizen etc. Year 1 & 2 of my uni life was still fine, I’m able to work with all the foreign students but I starting to observe their numbers, in school or in public.

Things snap for me when I went for my industrial attachment in my 3rd year. I did it with a Singaporean girl and a china scholar (thanks to our govt). Even the company was full of FT, Malaysian, prcs etc. That china scholar shows the worst of their countrymen, the worst traits you would associate with them. He had it all. To rub salt into my wound, he even discuss abt breaking his bond after graduation with the prcs ppl working at the company, asking them for help n advice, though not openly in front of me. We have a prc supervisor at the company and our prof was a prc too. I suspect he scored well for it since in foreign lands, countrymen always look out for each other, this is human nature. To make it much worse, I learnt from my conversation with him that our govt gave scholarships to some who were already in their 3rd or 4th years uni over in china to come here to start all over again and the education system there was faster than ours, so our year 1 subjects was a repeat for them. The sheer injustice of the system n how our govt is doing it snap me. I started to look more deeply into their announcement, I distrust the straits times and with guidance from bloggers that is able to explain what’s wrong clearly (though I’m not prone to tabloids), I slowly came to see the ugliness of our govt and their distorted presentation of history. Needless to say, my views of prcs tumbled to the pits n recently, even my views of India Indians started to turn for the worse too.

I also questioned some of their policies like the high pay (I personally believe, if a person is corrupt, no matter how much you pay, the person will still turn in the end. Though I doubt it matter much since some of our corruptions are already legalised. This raise another point for me, if I say this views out, I won’t be surprised that I’ll be attending a coffee sessions with ISA or get sued my pants off. If this happen to me, what about my family and friends? Will something happen to them too due to their association with me? This is ridiculous. I living in Singapore, why do I have to be scared of these?), the ERP (If my memories don’t fail me, when they announce the ERP, the govt mentioned that it’ll replace the COE in the future since ppl pay when they used to road, so no need to control the cars liao, but somehow, both stayed and become money spinner for the govt), FT & scholarship system which I experienced first hand, how they like to do selective comparison to put forward their policies (pure bullshit), the secrecy surrounding a lot of information we should know, like how much it take to build a hdb flat, the cost of land, number of scholarships given. These questions were asked in parliament but the answer they gave sucks. Making it worse, the questions were submitted beforehand and we still get such shit. Haiz…

In fact, some of my predictions on Singapore came true. The most notable one would be PAP fielding a foreign-born candidate who never went through NS. I expected this to happen in 2016 elections though it came earlier in 2011. Next, I think we may see a PRC PAP candidate in 2016 and if that really happen, Singapore really in deep shit. Though I found out later, quite a couple of their MPs actually came from Malaysia but 2011 was the time where the issue came to people attention. I really wish my predictions don’t come true but I foresee a collapse of our country within our lifetime. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not too optimistic about it. That’s why I trying to secure my future and if the day really come, I’m in position to help my family and friends.

Hmmmm, how people around me feel. First would be my family: My parents still buy into the bullshit that Singapore is the best place to live in and with my degree, I would be set for life. They still don’t understand our country had changed. My degree is not that helpful now with all the FT flooding in at cheaper pay and buying a roof over my head is so expensive that I doubt I can retire peacefully or if my job is still secure when I’m above 40. Not to mentioned the education system becoming more and more demanding, kids need to know words before they enter primary 1. Wth is this? I think I’m still learning how to form sentences when I’m in primary 1. If possible, I won’t want my kids to go through this kind of shit.

My siblings feel similar to my parents, in part I guess because the policies still haven’t affect them that badly yet (my bro was affected by the population control measures as he was the 4th child, so he didn’t have edusave until recently but he still young, he haven’t seen the shit yet). But at least they still have some irking of the failings, so they understand part of the reason why I trying to migrate.

My close friends understand my views, in fact, some of my views were agreeable with them too. It’s just that I’m too extreme or pessimistic in my thoughts. So I could be the odd one out at times but at least I still able to discuss such things with them. As I told u, some are even thinking of migrating too but their family are holding them back from doing it. Or their other half is holding them back. Of course, they are still some who still view life as rosy and don’t really see the truth as the policies don’t really affect them. I feel quite sad to see such friends as they don’t understand that others are already suffering, they are just lucky that they are not affected. If they are affected, things will be really bad and may be too bad. Maybe because my views turned ppl off, so I don’t really state it out a lot. Only when I become closer to someone, then I’ll state my views. Most of the times, I’m just a quiet observer in discussion like these.

Interestingly, my observations lead me to something: Guys are more harder on the govt than girls. This I believe it due to the fact that guys have to spend 2 years serving NS and the ippt n reservist after that, they don’t really take it too kindly to the govt. Girls on the other hand, are not affected and given our culture, guys are supposed to be the breadwinner of the house, so a girl actually have a lot of choices in life, be a career woman, housewife etc, they can afford to job hop with much worry since when they get married, society expect the guy to provide for the family. Of course, there are exceptions but generally, this is the trend I believe. So when they say that the younger generations are more likely to be against the govt, I say it’s partially true. The guys are likely to vote against them but girls are more likely to vote for the PAP. It’s my 2 cents worth of thought and hopefully, I’m able to develop on it in the future though I’m not going to make much friends with such a conclusion. Hahahah..



One thing I picked up from J's final reply. Lucky Tan is going to get into trouble at the rate he is influencing people but let's hope he remains lucky and long may it lasts. Mr J, I am FINALLY going to reply your email tonight. It was way long overdue as both of us know that. The price of you keeping me up tonight and not being able to blog is that I have to expose your views for everyone to see. So you better hide your tracks well like Mr Lucky there.

My view to readers of the blog remained the same. J is only 27 years old. I looked back to the time when I was 27, I was struggling with kick starting my career. I did not share the some similar sentiments on Singapore until much later. I only know this guy last month, but it seems like we knew each other for years. It is a worrying sign that more young Singaporean men are picking up the 'bad vibes.'


  1. I usually try to stay off the political commentary, as I am in the fray quite deeply myself, so I worry more about the frapucino session with the ISD than J. But, to his credit, J has managed to down the red pill and gain enlightenment at 27 years, which I only did when I reached about 37 years myself.

    Welcome to the real world J, it's not as pretty as taking the blue pill and living within the matrix, but it's good you have seen the reality, and you have the rest of your life to fix it for yourself.

    As I mentioned, I only gained the same enlightenment much later - but, better late than never. I do not think your line of thought is too severe; in fact, it is very much in the line of truth - sadly, too many of our countrymen are still meandering within the colorful world of this Matrix of the ruling party.

    1. "Like" - as in the FB function :)

      You have worded my thoughts so appropriately. That came across my mind when I watched Matrix.

    2. It shall never be pretty after so many years of indoctrination and brainwashing by the Straits Times & Govt. Sometimes I really wonder how do people like them do all these and still be able to sleep at night. It's just amazing thinking about such things.

      Yet at times, I also wonder, how long it'll take before enough people wakes up? While I feel that it was already too late, yet I still wish for the awakening to come sooner so there may still be a chance to savage the situation.

      It's really the scary thing to see there are still so many people in the Matrix and so many selfish people around looking after themselves. I did what I could to change others mindset but really, at times, I want to just give up because we really deserved what we get for our govt by our inaction.


  2. Hi J, I salute you on your guts and determination. You are a wise young with good foresight. Wishing you all the best in your job search in NZ. Once you're a PR, and got tired of beng in NZ, you could always come over to Oz. That's how some people end up with two pensions - NZ and Oz. But, I think that's dishonesty.

    Quote of the day: CEOs deserve good pays, but there is a difference between good pay and obscene pay - Brian Wezinger. Applying to Sg, those MIWs definitely draw the latter type.

    And to the author of this blog, you should remain in anonymity too if you're advising J the same. You never know what some people might do.. Especially those who are involved in SWAN.

    1. Thanks. I just hope my job search goes well. 5 more months to search before I need to leave at the expiry of the visa.

      As for the part between people with 2 pensions, I think it's more like they work the system to their advantage. While I do hate some of the FTs whose attitudes really stinks big time, I think the ultimate fault lies with the govt for allowing the system to be exploited this way. Same applied to those people, they all want a better life for them and their families, they just doing what they could to get the best out of it.

      Obscene pay is just obscene, no denying it but our govt just continue to deny even though their performance falls short of it. Their pay sure don't justify their performance.

      Actually I don't think SWAN will do anything. Maybe the ISD would but I also don't think they will as long as you don't really go into politics I guess. As I see it, now is just waiting for either the anger to spill over into actions or the hold the traditional media had over the people diminished for change to happen.


  3. Hi,
    I am looking at migrating to new zealand too now, as my skills are needed more there than here.is it possible that i get in touch with j? via email maybe? as i am planning to use the assistance of an immgration agent too.

    iwan (iwan78@gmail.com)

  4. Yes me too, last GE results in 2011 was almost the final nail and results of PE 2011 was the last straw.
    I went on to apply for Aust PR without my parents knowledge but with the blessings of my spouse, glad that I have got my Aust PR now and I never look back since then.
    In fact I am looking forward to start a new life soon in Aust with my family.

    1. nice!!! have a good time there!!

    2. A good move you did and it's always great to have the blessing of someone close to you. For me, I didn't really get blessing from my family, but nevertheless, I must continue on down this path. I cannot let feelings affect my decision or endanger the future of me and my family.

      Just like a response Nix heard from another Singapore and shared it with me: "I may not know what it'll be like for AU in 10-20yrs time but I know what it'll be like for Sg in 10-20yrs time". This hit right at the crux of the issue.


  5. Thank you for sharing, J, and thank you, Nix, for taking your precious time to re-publish his words.

    I am still a nobody, having done nothing spectacular and therefore not particularly wanted anywhere.
    I strangely feel like I'm watching a movie of real life, in which I still can get to comment.

    Years ago, such a thing was called a roleplaying game, like Dungeons and Dragons.
    Today, this is life in Singapore.

    1. Hi Alan,

      You just have to walk along the path of life and believe in what you are doing. Of course, planning for it would be a great thing to do too. ^_^


  6. When I tell my friends and siblings that I'm intending to migrate, their first response is always 'Xiao ah??"
    Hahah... they never really see that though it does not affect them now, but it'll definitely affect their children in time to come.

    1. exactly... even if one is able to live, and maybe comfortably, think of the future.. when HDB 3 room flats hit $1 million a piece, can their children who are fighting with the foreigners for jobs, afford to buy a house? Maybe 100year loans?

    2. COE 100K will do it.

    3. By the time they see it, the damage has been done and it will be too late for them to plan or act.
      I have faithfully completed my ICTs, I stay in a not very new EC and drive a not very old mid size car, I have an above average pay job and a maid but I still apply for Aust PR. Why? It's for my children and our retirement.

    4. Hi Peck,

      This is the sad fact for us. The govt had succeed in turning so many of us so apathetic o politics that it's seriously endangering the whole country.

      People just don't understand that no matter what, all govt polices shall affect us in one way or another. It doesn't mean that if the policy don't affect us now, it will not affect us ever. Who knows, one may be affected by it in the future or even our children will be affected. And this lead to the next thing that I find it sad and angry about with my parents generation: just because their lives were alright during their generation doesn't mean it'll be for ours or our children. Yet they still use their own yardstick to make their judgement and expect us to stay with this sinking ship as they don't see what's wrong even though the failings we all are seeing it clearer and clearer everyday.


  7. @J: how's the job situation at NZ? I'm not very sure of going over to try even if I got the silver fern visa, seems like not many jobs available for my qualification and work experience. My AU trip drains much of my savings already so must consider carefully.

    My email is pchmj2@gmail.com

  8. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog whilst checking out singaporedaily.com and am glad I'm not the only one feeling this way! :) Currently I'm studying in Australia but am due to graduate this year. Many people have asked if I'm returning to Singapore for good...Unfortunately my enthusiastic yes has become more and more hesitant. I've read through some of your blog entries but this particular one resonates with me because I understand exactly what J is talking about.

    Like him I went through terrible times in JC and had a fit at the sheer result-oriented emphasis we have in our education. Like J, I remember very clearly a classmate who actually told the Econs tutor off for talking about examples of international finance in the real world because it was not going to be tested in the exams (i.e. not found in the famous ten year series). Anyhow, fast track ten years; this girl is an EDB scholar with a cushy job. I can tell you so many of these people who are government scholars, they may have the brains and the ability to sell themselves, but none of them have the heart.

    I came over to Australia 8 years ago to start on my uni studies because my A level results couldn’t get me an acceptance in any of the Singaporean universities. At that time I thought maybe it’s because I really did flunk out of the education system so I totally deserved it. But it seems like many of the scholars we have in NUS can’t even piece an English sentence together properly, surely my abilities are not that bad? It seems unjustified why the Singaporean government is out casting their nets for second-rate foreign students. We dish out our taxpayers money to fund other people’s children, those who have no loyalty or inclinations to help the nation? That is truly uniquely Singapore.

    I am very disillusioned with the government and their insistence that we must pay top dollar to attract top talents for the government. I do not need to pay 1.5 million to a minister to tell me the difference between flooding and ponding or that the current SMRT system is in the “bathub” effect. Who are they trying to kid?! Their strategy to pilot SAF/STAT board scholars into their political party; this is completely stupid, because you just have the same people who 10/20 years ago bullshitted the same stuff those scholarship interviewers wanted to hear (see above when I mentioned scholars). I think we’re in for hard times.

    Recently, I read with interest that MAS is now overhauling their PR application for big-time investors who decide to settle in Singapore. My partner has been desperately trying to apply for PR so that we can apply for a HDB flat but the attempts have failed so far. Judging from his employment pass status and the current salary he draws, it will be an uphill battle for us. But to add salt to the wound, I recently found out that someone I know is tearing ahead with the SPR application before the end of April because our government has been enthusiastically welcoming and fast forwarding PR applicants who can afford to invest 10 million or more in Singapore. And these are people who have not worked/contributed to Singapore in any way before. Where’s the justice in all this?

  9. Actually I think the govt is very happy for people Like j and singaporeanson leave. Cause you will vote against pap. New migrants are great. They love pap. The conspiracy talk is they are out to replace 2nd or 3rd generation people like us. True or not? We can all think about it.

  10. J,

    Only one question? being a singaporean you are thinking FTs are working for low wages than locals. So you got frustrated and migrated to some country say X. For now you are in NZ, White people in NZ shows racism against Asians, you have to accept that. Even NZ locals also thinking the same, that Asians are migrating to NZ and working for low salaries and they are treating you like FT in NZ, even your kids also treated in same way in scholl and university, that is sure. PRC and india is a big countries and People want better life and they are choosing Singapore may be 10% of people. Being a singaporean you have concerns, small country, no good education and all stuff, you are migrating to some other cuontry for better life style. In conclusion: in my point of view, all countries have their own problems, you have to face and stay and survive if you love your country. Thats what i think.
    Anyway ALL THE BEST for your JOb Search. I am also moving to NZ in another 2 months.

  11. Hi j n the rest,

    I'm coming to auckland on 30th June 2014 for job hunt hopefully migrate permenantly. It's my 3rd time now. I like to get connected with you guys in Auckland face to face if you guys can include me in your friends list. Currently I do not have any friends contact there. I'm all by myself at this point of time but my wife will joint me once I'm settled. I have no idea how to arrange but here is my email zacko987@gmail.com. I have nz mobile and will share that thru email. During my stay there, I will be at 53 James evans drive north shore. Pls do let know. Thanks.