House Moving

I woke at 0700hrs on Saturday, a rather chilly morning but it was no time to snuggle. It was our big day. We started to pack the remainder of our items in the boxes that V provided us. I moved box after box out of the house as fast as I could. By 0850hrs Stephen and Joni arrived, earlier than the appointed time with hot coffee in their hands. Then Steph discussed the plans with me.

The biggest problem was our queen size bed. All the other items were small enough to be packed in crates or boxes and could easily fit into our vehicles. Fortunately, I found the right man for the job. An experienced 'mover' himself, Steph got my bed out of the house and we flung it over his car. He had a rather big car, bigger than what many of us would drive in Singapore. This guy was ambitious, he wanted us to move the bed frame out as well and finished everything in one trip. So when the bed frame went up as well.

As he began to lash, I felt unexplainable hopes running through me. I was bent on moving out quickly. Basically, 'let's get out of here'. Stephen almost could not come, his work was priority and we agreed on that. Fortunately for me, he didn't have to work or else I would have struggle with the moving. Nonetheless my resolve was clear, I would move that day even if I had to drag my bed there with Barry White.

I could not miss out Patrick, who has been supportive since the day I knew him. My first Perth friend just got to be there for us, even though he woke late, probably drove half asleep and arrived sheepishly. I felt bad loading unsterilised boxes into his car, still in mint-condition. Really appreciate his help yet again.

Stephen and Joni's big boot. They got a lot of stuff in. Joni was the photographer of the day. I had a lot on my mind and didn't take a single picture. Fortunately she did or there would be nothing to share from here.

Seats all lowered for the cause.

Patrick had to clean his car on Sunday after all these spam. Felt bad.

Super duper invincible Barry White doing his part.

Our bed mounted and all our belongings in 3 vehicles, off we went, hogging roads along the way in a low speed convoy.

Despite the low speed, within 15 minutes, we reached our new home. This is the garage. There is an auto roller shutter so it's pretty cool. I can have my tool boxes at the back of the garage and do my own servicing or any work in a mini workshop I will set up in future.

Unloading time. The big muscled guy is Steph, if you wanna know.

This is what the 'entertainment room'

My new kitchen. I love it.

This is the shared bathroom. The full glass shower cubicle is just behind. The toilet is separated with the bath, which makes sense to me. I love it this way. Joni didn't take a pic of the shower and I didn't bother to as well, so regretably you don't get to see them. It's quite nice. She didn't take pictures of all the rooms as well, which is a pity because the master bedroom is rather, rather big and I'm really pleased with it. Felt almost twice as big as the room we used to squeeze ourselves into, not to mention it comes with another attached toilet and bath. I've got nothing to complain about, to be honest. Oh, Joni didn't take a pic of my living room as well. It's not huge though, like the '4A model' type of living room size in old HDB flats. Pity they don't do these kind of living rooms for our 4 room flats anymore.

My yard, it's a U shape yard which goes around the whole house and ended up in the garage. I have a little storeroom behind me in this picture so I can dump quite a lot of things there. It's not as big as the normal ones in most Aussie homes but compared to 'bomb shelters', it's generous. That brown patch at the far end could be used for planting. No obviously I can't do a farmville here but i still have enough space to do a small herb and spice patch there, since it receives sunlight for many hours of the day.

The other part of the yard leading to the store. Most of the yard is paved so I don't have to do much weeding here.

The kind of place I live in now is called a villa over here. Apart than apartments, it is probably one of the smallest kind of home type here. They don't call this a house, which is normally bigger size than this type. It's probably like a single level terrace house like those in Malaysia. Villa or whatever, it's good enough for me. Beyond my expectations, honestly. I'll probably write a post on the house in future, sharing what I like and dislike about the place in detail and throw in a few pictures of the rooms and stuff.

Thank you Pat, Stephen and Joni for lending your helping hands, for without them, things would be heavy indeed.


  1. Great, looks pretty roomy and there space for a Barbie!

  2. Great...!!! You have your own villa now... will be waiting for your next post together with the picture of your new house...

  3. i have nothing but admiration for u and the guys who helped u out.

    keep it up!

  4. You guys have just shown what's mateship all about! Good ya guys!!!

  5. SydneyLibrarian23 April 2012 at 06:38

    Congrats on the move! :) I'm sure you'll be much happier in your new home. Nice villa, btw, looks quite new.

  6. Neat place!!! Especially when it's reasonably new and well kept. I realized that the box logo says A-Team, how appropriate for you guys :)

  7. Rental for a villa would usually cost more than a house because of the body corporate fees and slightly higher building insurance. I like villa for rental as it is easier to upkeep, especially no big garden but just a small grass patch or zilch.

  8. very nice indeed..looking forward to more pictures!

  9. Looking goood... all the best with the new found freedom..

  10. Well done! Happy for you. You are improving!

  11. Congrats bro, things are looking up, god bless you and your happy home :)

  12. You are welcome, my friend.
    By the way, I washed my car because I have not washed it for weeks :)

  13. congrats on yr new acquired home! :)
    happy for u...

  14. Not bad much better than our house here lol...

    ah pooh

  15. The new place looks great!
    I wonder how are you going to stay in our teeny weeny flat when it's or rather when you guys are ready.

    - Jie Yin

  16. I sure ur sleeping better now. All the best!

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